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Police brief the media after an officer-involved shooting in NW Portland Sunday morning
T M J O Eddie I'm the Pio for the Portland Police Bureau this morning at about 9:43 AM Central Precinct officers responded to a disturbance call at 1331 Northwest Love Joy Street This is a multi use building including a parking garage When officers arrived they located a male and a female in a stairwell in that building and there was an altercation Officers attempted to communicate with the male who initially was reported to have been armed with a knife and was threatening to have an explosive device during the encounter Less lethal munitions were deployed as well as lethal force officers requested medical attention but prior to medical be arriving on scene the suspect was determined to be deceased The suspect is a male and the female who was also in the stairwell appear to be injured when officers initially made contact she was provided Medical attention and was taken to an area hospital for treatment None of the involved officers have any injuries This is a significant investigation incident and it's early on There's a lot of questions that we will be looking to try and get answers for and we'll be providing updates as available as we have those available you know We're working on trying to confirm identification at this time The Oregon State Medical Examiner's office to determine that and then next Mexican or notified, we'll be able to provide that information to the public Did the man and woman know each other That is information that we would be looking to determine which investigation what happened It's early in the investigation and we still have not had the opportunity to interview all of the involved officers and so we'll be looking into you know what they saw, what they heard, what they knew and what led them to make the decisions that they made as part of the investigation It's too early at this time for us to you know try and jump to conclusions about any other proof I don't have that information yet at this time, we saw the interviewed everybody so we can't even Even said that he's armed or not we're able to confirm whether or not he had any sort of explosive class at all So we did have the explosive disposal unit arrived at the scene and they clear the area and determined there was not an explosive device and the public is safe as you guys recover a knife I don't have that information at this time but as we have information that I can confirm I would put that out So the initial report that the officers had when they responded was it. The subject was armed with a knife and was threatening to Exclusive device, but we don't know whether he actually had wonder now I'm not able to comment further on anything related to that at this time, but as I have information I would provided as it's available so many officers responded initial I don't know how many officers were on scene responded. Initially, this time is that women considered like hostages that's when the term is for turn around here outside Certainly that's something that we've been looking at what the circumstances were We have to interview people who are involved and you know again, it's really early in the investigation even though it's been a couple of hours and so we still have a lot of information together and it's really important that we don't jump to conclusions what floor the garage did this happen. I was in a steroid was near cars It was in the stairwell and I'm not able to say what she wore at this time I was in the In this enjoyed here in the luxury building was there ever anything having to do with safe way of the fact that it's just I don't have any information that connects to a specific business or in that building at all this time Why was the building of equity So I given the circumstances Report of a possible explosive device We would take off for cautions to make sure that the public is safe and until we can verify otherwise Is actually doing the building as Can you tell us if the man was in any sort of like mental health crisis and a time of this? And that's why he maybe at someone or maybe claimed and I promise I don't have information about the mental state of the involved in this one any of the involved Looking to interview a lot of people so we don't have all the answers yet but those are really good questions that our investigators will be trying to determine. Did the behavior hope unit trunk today not that I am aware of there's nothing more complex about this investigation as opposed to other officerinvolved shootings usually get free things within an hour 45 minutes We've open up here for about four hours There's a lot of complexities that go into what information were able to confirm in release And given the sentiment also was reportedly involved in explosive devices add layer of complexity so you know we try and provide information as soon as we're able to and as transparent a manners were able to but we also have to balance the investigative needs in the world that we live in with the way that people can get information or news and it's really available We want to hold it Nation that may taint the investigation so that it doesn't potentially influence any potential witnesses or great jury members, things like that. So we have to be very careful and the timing of what information we release one and making sure that it's accurate Can you describe the injuries to the woman of all I don't have the details on her injuries at this time serious enough to go to the hospital though like are we talking like driving or just I don't have sorry ours is here I don't have a degree of for injuries but she is in the hospital I'm not really sure how it Sure sure so officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the building that I and reported that a man allegedly had a nice and was friendly and to have an explosive device They play back open I don't have that information actually I don't know stood Francine And I expect investigators will still be here for several more hours and I am anticipating having a further briefing later or information that comes out by a press release hopefully after we're able to interview a number that people along so I know there's a lot of questions and we certainly want to have those answers and we'd love to push out more information we just have to balance the timing of that Do you know why the mayor and they usually come to all of the officer chains you know these are Very dynamic and complex events that impact the community anyone who's involved with any of the People who are involved whether they are witnesses or suspects or victims and certainly the police as well These are very impactful events all the way around. So you know I think it's elected an appointed leaders that they feel the value I'm coming out and being so I appreciate all of your time and hopefully we'll have Additional information later And we'll be pushing that press release out that has the specific Thank you Thank you Sorry. It looks like I'm

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