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Police officers in Billings, Montana walked into a woman's home without a warrant and without knocking because they heard loud talking inside.

Then the...
He can do that. Thank you for recording. If you can't you cannot come in my home I do not get permission There was no hesitation I don't I don't give a damn. What you no because this is my home and this is my property and I'm telling you to leave my home Yes you heard something, but there's. No He heard us talking about cuz. I'm allowed as big stuff That's. Why I actually my home now excuse me Thank you Sorry. That's, not That's. Not a problem going on. I don't see understand Kevin this No he is talking I don't know what I'm, saying shut the fuck up now you said that I'm already talking about this, my I think It's crazy I told him coming up in my House You might be crazy coming up in here so you heard me talking I thought loud and I'm aggressive and guess what you did not knock on my door No weapons here there's nothing going on here and you are violating my right sweetheart right now Tell me that I'm fucking wrong you, Can't Say. I'm Not You're Buying your month you do not come up in my House You do not You do not come into my home without my permission period when I get caught I don't care. What you got I don't care what you got to get work if I had just came out smoking a cigarette door wouldn't. Be closing your ass would have to knock you do not fucking come in my House when I'm on a mission with your White ass and I'm glad and I'm scared of you so guys I don't care. I don't hear it I'm Screaming What am I Can't believe I know you want to come up here with fucking done black people killer How do I know that I know so this I'm Being half fell like you guys call up Cuz You're in the mall Now like I, Don't know my legs stop playing You got the room black girl on the right day baby What do you want What do you want There's? No What what did? I say I got this I got this What do you What do you want? You guys walk out? There's? No What do you want that man let's. Get in this House What do you want? I guess we got to work on my home because I know my right eye bye Bye Shut your ass up Kevin Do you do it good bye I know my right They cannot walk in my home cuz. I've been door was closed. They would have to not do that again. Thank you I don't give a fuck. I know my right

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