EXCLUSIVE: Biden remarks on Afghanistan exit

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EXCLUSIVE: Pressed on whether the U.S.'s exit from Afghanistan could have been handled better, Pres. Joe Biden tells George Stephanopoulos, "The idea...

Posted 4 months ago in Politics

Luna Jamero 4 months ago

8 years under Pres. Bush watch, 8 years under Pres. Obama, 4 years under Trump's watch, this endless war in Afghanistan was never going to have a peaceful exit. We overstayed & assumed wrongly that we could help them build democracy. The Middle East is not America folks.

Jé-naine Meyer 4 months ago

There was no easy way to exit Afghanistan whichever way you look at it. But I think the president could have worded his response better.

Judy Havrevold 4 months ago

The leader of Afghanistan left the country - our leader just went on vacation.