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Naruto • 1 year ago   63.3K     2.3K
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"How do you watch anime and read subtitles at the same time?"


Amimul Arnab
Amimul Arnab1 month ago

Me watching one piece at 2x speed

Veronika Matković
Veronika Matković1 year ago

learn Japanese in meantime, because connecting sounds and words.

Sabani Bukari
Sabani Bukari1 year ago

Dunno but for me it feels awkward watching anime dub!

Andy Michaël
Andy Michaël1 year ago

Sometimes I go over the image and I just read the subtitles !!! But that's why I prefer animated in French 😅😅😅😅

Nebrian Coleman
Nebrian Coleman1 year ago

😂 I will admit though Gost of Tushima multiplayer subtitles is a beast!

David Branaghan
David Branaghan1 year ago

No problems for me be deaf can see anime and subtitles easy

Manny Tanda
Manny Tanda1 year ago

Watching the anime, reading the subs, enjoying the fight, and shedding some tears on emotional scenes... it’s an ability only a shinobi with Kekkei Genkai can do. 😂😅

Bryan Bray
Bryan Bray1 year ago

Watching anime fights, subtitles and enjoy the scenes. I love sub than dub. You can learn Japanese by listening to it and learn new some english terms. I love it 😍 👀👂

JM Veniegas
JM Veniegas1 year ago

And then two more subtitles has been added

Røháñ Śhrëśthã
Røháñ Śhrëśthã1 year ago

You unlock rinnegan when there is subtitle, subtitle of people speaking in background and reference of the book in that anime which covers whole screen and manage to read all before the characters finish speaking