The Story of a Boy On a Train

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Don't judge someone until you walk in their shoes.

Posted 8 months ago in Children & Parenting

Cornelia Laranjo 8 months ago

In short we should be merciful and compassionate to other.

Jonkomane Dibaga 8 months ago

You are the best my man keep up I truly love your stories thanks God bless you

Nora Ford 8 months ago

Nice reminder to never judge other's. Judgement truly is a disease!

Ruby Winebarger 8 months ago

Very true

Irene Dugan 8 months ago

Great story!😊

เซียงเหมี่ยง ตั๋วบอเป็น 8 months ago

Good will lighting fc Thank you my friend ❤️ Freedom Thailand by Good will lighting thank you so much ❤️

Adel Lacson 8 months ago

Dont be judgemental...u might be judge too...

Kêlvîn 8 months ago

I have learn a lot

Oliver Findrik 8 months ago

What is name of the song please ?

Sylvia Savai 8 months ago

Yeah true