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This will certainly be controversial.

It's impossible to discusss such big topics in 3 minute or 30 hour videos. So I stuck to 4 minutes. But the hope...
Guys I think this video will make some people angry Ready What is it Well It's about democracy Democracy is good life Well that's exactly the problem Hi nuts. Talk about democracy When I was a kid I was taught that democracy is the best when you give one vote to one human and you let them vote in elections You get a good government but now that i am a mother i realize that i am wrong that advantage border doesn't know how to hope that's why deepak parsingh doesn't want take this example let us so you are going on a play but before you fly you end the passengers are must democratically elected a captain so you get you can do it is the first one says if you let me playing the plane i will abide by international laws of aviation and fly at three Feet but the second one says if you let me fly the plane you can sit in business class and in today's world the average person roads based on emotions and lack of information so naturally they will vote for the person that farmers that a business Democracy will elect terrible person who's never flown a plane and before you know it we Crash I am convinced that running a government is just like flying a plane It's hard and it takes experience years and years of experience tariffs nuclear weapons geopolitics healthcare borders these problems need real professionals It takes 10 years to be able to fly a plane but in our government anyone can vote in anyone can run democracy Government every four years but the real problems need 20 years to fix democracy is a good idea, but is it the best idea Take China and India, for example China, with its Central government lifted 300 million people out of poverty while India with its democracy has 300 million people in poverty I don't like China but for some reason they are succeeding Don't get me wrong Dictatorship is not the answer It is never the answer but there might be alternatives to democracy that are worth exploring Technocracy C a pesto Craftsy are just two examples but for now the problem is real in the world's biggest democracies, politicians use fake news lies fears and free money to get attention and the Democratic system allows voters to believe them in the millions We are voting for people who promise us a business class and they don't even know how to fly As someone once famously said the best case against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter let's fix democracy before we all crash See you next week

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