Sunshine returns this weekend ahead of a wintery start to the workweek

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Sunshine returns this weekend ahead of a wintery start to the workweek. Meteorologist Liz McGiffin tells us when rain will change over to snow.

Posted 11 months ago

Bill Verkest 11 months ago

Let it snow! My birthday is Thursday and I haven't had a white birthday since I was a kid in Michigan.

Jerry Goshorn 11 months ago

She’s telling you everything except how much snow we’re getting. Mostly north of Cbus is what I’m hearing

Kevin Rupp 11 months ago

If it comes down fast enough it'll stick.... i rememebr back in the day.... when the dinosurs we're alive....

Veronica Callicotte 11 months ago

This is not what I expected from a weather report. Sorry, done watching.

Kevin Rupp 11 months ago

Strongest Lift is on the Northwest Side of the Low will be the Strongest Chance of Heavy Snow

Debra Baldwin Cochran 11 months ago

My birthday is Tuesday also! Hope it snows!!

Jet Ryan 11 months ago

Hi Liz! Sunshine for sure a nice change. Just planted my garlic & onion bulblets! WHEN might there be snow?!

Amanda Bailey 11 months ago

My daughter is excited because her 14th birthday is Tuesday lol

Terri Harbaum 11 months ago

Good morning from Lima Ohio, how much are we suppose to get? Blessings to all.

Jet Ryan 11 months ago

Perfect day to plant garlic & onions today. But admit to wondering about when might see snow (no ice though!)