Volcano Cake

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Volcano Cake!

Posted 11 months ago in Food & Drink

JaMarcus Toomer 11 months ago

Probably one of the worst videos tasty has done .. yeah this ain’t it , I’m sorry

Adam Holliday 11 months ago

I swear all these cooking channels sell their pages to a bunch of amateur “cooks and bakers” that have no clue what they’re doing. This looks like shit and I guarantee it takes like shit too

Mabel Gates 11 months ago

I don’t know any baker that would put a glass jar inside a cake. That is asking for a mouth full of glass especially if you put dry ice in it.

Sandra Berfi 11 months ago

Beautiful art but I can't eat this

Mary Wagner 11 months ago

Beautiful, really creative, but way too involved for me. If I owned a bakery shop with specialty cakes, then ok. But an everyday birthday cake?? Nope!! But thanks for sharing your creativity.

Jesus Gaytan 11 months ago

Yeeaaa too much work, rather go eat a real volcano....

Marcelo Lobato 11 months ago

That much knowledge, dedication, time and talent put into making this cake I honestly was expecting something a lot more attractive !! That dry ice trick will last but a few seconds, just enough to take photos. None the less hats off for the work done 👏👏👏

Fred Alicia Carmichael 11 months ago

That was awesome! Too much work!

William Ketterer 11 months ago

What kind of volcano is this supposed to be?

Mo Betta 11 months ago

Way too much effort