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LIVE: Welcome home! Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou returns to China after nearly three years of detention in Canada.
Meng, who did nothing in violation of Canadian laws, was arbitrarily detained in late 2018 in Vancouver at the request of the United States.
Meng is arriving in Shenzhen on a charter flight organized by the Chinese government.

Kristan Ryan
Kristan Ryan4 months ago

I’m embarrassed by America in this situation

Lawrence Lim
Lawrence Lim4 months ago

Immoral act by Trump, holding innocent daughter of Hua Wei’s founder for 3 years.

Phang Yong
Phang Yong4 months ago

A strong china will stand up to the US hegemony and bull. Well done China

David Hodges
David Hodges4 months ago

I must admit though to be having any coverage is unbelievable because I don’t think this is broadcast back into China and because you have a firewall

Victor Soh
Victor Soh4 months ago

Welcome home safely
No attempt by US to shoot down the plane or hijack..US kept their words, honorable

David Hodges
David Hodges4 months ago

LOL great to see them putting government minders to work handing out flags jeez this is great propaganda this was done 45 years ago

David Hodges
David Hodges4 months ago

I’ve been hearing that they’ve had to shut down Harbin
for three days testing for you virus/Coverd had gone in China

David Hodges
David Hodges4 months ago

There is a perception out there that China is the best at everything well that maybe true but if you use secret means to get the technology to get you ahead of everybody else

Teh Ooi Wah
Teh Ooi Wah4 months ago

US should just be humble and learn from China and work peacefully for the security and safety of the world.

Liaw SG
Liaw SG4 months ago

China has many intelligent people to develop own technology. The West Don be jealous