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Who created Allah?.. By brother Simon (ex atheist) and now Muslim Masha'Allah🤲 🤲

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Posted 2 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Rami Rifai 2 months ago

The moment you ask:
“Who Created Allah?” …

second question will arise:
“Who created Creator of Allah?” …

then third, then fourth, and you will be
bombarded with unending questions -
whose answers will be unending!

If that was the case, then our universe
maybe not existed in the first place.

So to solve this you need to realise:
that Allah is not created. He is eter-
nal - Has no beginning and ending.

And this is easy to accept by logical mind.

Mohammad Salimullah 2 months ago

Assalamualaikum Brother MashaAllah, Allah SWT Bless and Protect you and all your loved ones Ameen, please mention the Ummah in your Duas. JazakAllah Khair

Nadhi Ra 2 months ago

Mashaa allah

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Md Hadikul Islam 2 months ago

Watch this video for answer

Idriss Salah 2 months ago