Mark Angel - Oh no!

Mark Angel • 1 year ago   13.2K     1K  •  204.9K Views
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Oh no!

Alpheus Ejike
Alpheus Ejike1 year ago

Happy new year to you too! Buhari is death and can never follow us to #2021నూతనసంవత్సర

Nelson Nelson
Nelson Nelson1 year ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Mark Angel! Am your fan and l love your comedies but this one.....
Please l advice you remain a comedian, don't involve yourself in political abracatabra. If you want to show concern to what is happening in the country please do that honorably with respect to the authorities as a good citizen, thanks.

Chris Kel
Chris Kel1 year ago

People telling Mark to keep his lane and do comedy and not politics. That's wrong and insane, Mark is a citizen and he suffers what every other person suffers. Telling him to continue laughing when pissed off is not good at all. Kindly Mark, speak your mind.

Maureen Ogechi
Maureen Ogechi1 year ago

I told the last person to lock the gate ooooo,chai😂

Jolly Mokobia
Jolly Mokobia1 year ago

Yes Buhari is actually in the forefront, leading this great country to a better 2021. All pray for his leadership. IJN AMEN

Jacky Damazko
Jacky Damazko1 year ago

A comedian is no forbidden to mention all the thinks that he see it makes part of laughs so all those who deputing these wards are Buharian too😁😂😂 Jacky from Mozambique

Henry Obumneme Orji
Henry Obumneme Orji1 year ago

Best wishes... as shocking it might look, YES they all came in, don't worry since we survived 2020, God lead us through this year bruv.

Christine Moultrie
Christine Moultrie1 year ago

Happy new year to you and your team uncle mark ooo from the Bahamas