UNILAD - Tilly explains how her incredible bionic arms...

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Tilly explains how her incredible bionic arms actually function - they can do a lot more than you might think! 😮🦾

UNILAD5 months ago

Watch the full interview on LADbible's YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/cDb0xiYdKeg.

With thanks to Give Tilly a Hand :


James Feetenby
James Feetenby5 months ago

Don’t let her get all the infinity stones

Kolynn Smith
Kolynn Smith5 months ago

See this is something I would throw my billions at if I had it. Improving human life. Isn’t that what we should all strive for. This is awesome!

Jeremy Betts
Jeremy Betts5 months ago

I like to think I'd have as great an attitude as she does with having lost that much, because I love that technology. But I have a feeling I'd be significantly more bitter. She's incredible!

James Kok
James Kok5 months ago

Now if she was to collect the infinity stones... 🤔

Regina Hayes- Ortiz
Regina Hayes- Ortiz5 months ago

Amazing 😻 God bless the engineers who have the intelligence to create a device as this !

Aidas Siugzdinis
Aidas Siugzdinis5 months ago

I'm happy for her but it's a shame she can't feel touch or anything

Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt5 months ago

how awesome is Tilly?!!!!! amazing woman

Martine Pell-Long
Martine Pell-Long5 months ago

Beautiful girl, with or without arms, you are an inspiration Tilly xx

Hannah Israel
Hannah Israel5 months ago

One day I'd love to design these! I love her style too! Like robotic jewelry, so fashionable