Jack Black Prepares To Be The Final Guest On CONAN

Team Coco
Team Coco
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The countdown begins. The final hour-long episode of #CONAN airs this Thursday with guest Jack Black. Tune in @ 10/9c on TBS Network!
So, Conan O'Brien asked if I would be the final guest on his final episode of Conan O'Brien Show on TBS and I was like, absolutely dude. We go back way back. What an honor. Is it pressure? Yeah, it's a lot of pressure. You think about that. The final guest, that means you have to be the best guest of all times. Am I up to the task? Hell, yes. I aims to bring it. Thursday, June twenty-fourth. Let's be the best farewell host of all times. I'm getting nervous. I gotta be honest. With you. I'm getting nervous and that's when Jables kicks it into overdrive. I gotta write some ideas. That's hilarious idea. Oh, that's a good idea as well. Oh, spicy idea. Run that up the flagpole. See if anyone bites. Oh, that'll get them going. It'll get the juices flowing. I'm. I don't have any good eyes. Look at what I got. This is what I got. I got bullshit. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Cancel my cone and oh Ryan appearance. It's too much pressure. I can't do the farewell episode. I got stage fright. I'm having a nervous break. Check me out on Conan, Thursday, June twenty-fourth. It's gonna be lit.

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