Never Judge People by their Clothes

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Never Judge People by their Clothes

Posted 6 months ago

Meenakshi Rana 6 months ago

It's not a matter of clothes at all n in every relation it,s like Newton third law that for every action there is equal n opposite reaction n if mother in law behave good daughter in law also will behave nicely wearing jeans or suit, it doesn't matter

Mahajan Nupur 6 months ago

But judge them by their actions .... 🙏
Bcz action speaks louder than words

Agripina Chelsea 6 months ago

Definitely at the point

Reshma Rayaan Khan 6 months ago

Has shown the reality....

Archana Kumari 6 months ago

It's true

Naveen Pandey 6 months ago

Drame baji band karo yar

Jakir Babu 6 months ago


SoNikh Pateriya 6 months ago

Bilkul shi baat h👍👍👍

Nirmita Dutta 6 months ago

Aunty you need to go get tested for COVID-19. Someone bring an educated bahu damn!
Nilanjana Dutta

Taro Sonam Liyak 6 months ago

Sir apka har ek video main , kuch achai deikta hai. Isliye apko dil se naman karta hoon.🙏🙏