Harlequin Shrimp x 3!!!

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Everyone loves to see Harlequin shrimp! These tiny little crustaceans are no bigger than your finger nail. In Ambon Indonesia, at the famed dive site...

Posted 3 months ago in Animals & Pets

Ciby Newbill 3 months ago

Fascinating - immediate reaction - makes me think of Sesame Street - thx for this 馃挋

Lucille Neuse 3 months ago

Fancy creatures

Dennis Deavenport 3 months ago

Wyatt鈥檚 Cafeteria, the aquatic franchise. Getting a leg up on the competition.

Louise Belyea 3 months ago

Love these little beauties馃榾. Thank you so much for sharing 馃榾馃榾

Linda Codlin 3 months ago