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“Hey Australia, death is bad BUT…” #janeygodleyvoiceover #GladysBerejiklian

Laura Crawford
Laura Crawford5 months ago

Thank you, Janey 💖😄. Here in Melbourne we have been under some form of restriction for 1 1/2 years and now 215 of those days in very strict lockdown. Gladys was far too eager to please her federal party and continues to treat Delta restrictions as almost optional in NSW. It's bad here because of her hubris but I feel for those in our neighbouring state with the confusion she causes for them. You did a brilliant job of helping Scotland through. Thanks for extending it to us. We have Jimmy Rees doing the same locally with his brilliantly funny Meanwhile in Australia clips.

Colleen Hartland
Colleen Hartland5 months ago

This is brilliant I have love the stuff you did with Nicola Sturgeon, I live in Melbourne and we are now in our 6 lockdown, the NSW premier and the Prime minister who both basically shit on everyone else in Australia. The NSW Premier and the PM in your terms are conservative Tory who hate everyone who does not agree with them. Keep up the good work we do need a laugh

Andrea Stuart
Andrea Stuart5 months ago

I'm in Western Australia, apparently Scomo thinks we are cavepeople 🙊 I honestly appreciate this voiceover...the situation itself is dire, there are so many scared people and I see so much fear everywhere and hateful comments....I much prefer your comedy Janey, it's one thing for Aussies to laugh about UK voiceovers but if they can't take it when it's about their own I think they're missing the point.
I personally feel Gladys and Scomo are complete psychopaths!

Jane Dellar
Jane Dellar5 months ago

Love you Janey, this is brilliant! I can't believe how positive this Premier sounds when she is talking about the situation in NSW.....how things are going to get much worse, and, more people will die!🙄

Sean Mandel
Sean Mandel5 months ago

Thank you Janey. I had been hoping you would pick up on this so-called Premier. We are terribly embarrassed by her.

Margaret Adams
Margaret Adams5 months ago

Some people in Australia are totally ashamed of her!

Allan Groat
Allan Groat5 months ago

Lee McGrath

Kate Finch
Kate Finch5 months ago

So much better than an actual presser with Gladbags.

Christine MacLeod
Christine MacLeod5 months ago