Dateline: While He Was Sleeping

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Eric, a man who lived life at full throttle, had seemingly fallen off the map... Dateline Weekend Mystery tonight at 8/7c.
At thirty-four, Eric Samoa was charming magnetic successful Eric's older sisters, Susie Anybody and Cynthia spotted his drive in business savvy at an early age, and he started a long cutting business in our neighborhood. The neighborhood kids they were actually working for him and he would pay them. I think what $2 to cut the grass a born capitalist. Yeah, I mean he'll tell me Susie. I'm I'm I'm going to be really rich. 1 day. You know he wanted to go all the way to the top. Eric was the glue. That bonded his family. Eric was the person that kind of brought the family together. He remembered everyone's birthday. He made everyone feel really special, so it wasn't just his customers. He was charming. No, he was charming his family, his family as well. All of you. You know he wanted everyone to come together in June 2012. He brought them together again, but this time it wasn't for a holiday or birthday. It was because they were worried sick about him. June 5th A Tuesday. Eric didn't show up for work at the JAGUAR dealership. No one had heard. From him now, you're really worried. I'm really worried. Cynthia took a deep breath and called 911. police were dispatched to check out Eric's apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland, His family raced to meet them. Eric Samoa, a man about town who lived life at full throttle, had seemingly fallen off the map what had happened to him.

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