Omurice Heaven 💖 ©kwyckham

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Get this omurice in my mouth now! 🤤

Posted 3 months ago in Food & Drink

Sopheak Sek 3 months ago

He’s the omurice OG!

Jason John C. Mapalad 3 months ago

This legend is still alive

Ill Will 3 months ago

The music is banging...😎😎😎

Zahir M. Barak 3 months ago

Before cutting it, it looked like tRumps hair piece

Shaun Van Wyk 3 months ago

The eggs are still raw

Cody Sellers 3 months ago

That egg is litterally perfect. These fools wouldnt know real food if it was thrown onto their face

Julie Tamayo Avendano 3 months ago

Whatever that is. This guy has talent

Bkrist Christensen 3 months ago

Got that khruangbin going!!!

April Evanculla Samson 3 months ago

Ako na naasar kasi hindi gitnang gitna yung pagkakahati 🙂

Abdul Momin 3 months ago

Raw eggs..🤮🤮🥵