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Le Cinq unboxing... 5 in 1 Titanium curling wand set - with this link you can grab your own 5 piece set for HALF OFF.... exclusive link -->...
Hey everybody. it's Sarah with Thrifty Mile. I'm Super excited. I got a package from along stocked up on a couple of my favorites which is the true Hairspray. I have to say this last a long time. I also love that it has the options to be able to do three different sprays in there and then my favorite root booster which helps me get volume but in here is the new listing set. These were out of stock for like two months and they're now back in stock so I order. One we got within about a week and a half Super excited so first off a launch packaging is amazing if you wanna give this as a gift to somebody it's just a really nice gift. it comes like this has the tissue paper. This box is nice enough. It's got the magnetic clasp is honestly really nice store stuff in in your bathroom just an awesome box okay and then it comes in this awesome little carrying case and this little carrying case. if you like Easy Storage Solutions or you don't want your bathroom messed up all the time this has. In one, it's gonna come with your gloves. You don't burn yourself. It's gonna come with a really long. I think nine -foot cord with a swivel and then inside of each of these is a different titanium wand now with titanium wand is holds the heat the best and it's just overall top of the line normally to purchase just 11 at normal price is like A hundred and 50 plus dollars and you're gonna be getting five. For A hundred and $50 with the current sale right now I'll leave the link here in just a second but this is the tapered wand. This one leaves uniform curls all the way top to bottom. So if you want a lot of volume at your roots this is the one to use for that. This is the 19 millimeter. This seems a little crazy when you first use it because it gives you these tight ringlet curls but if you want your curls to last for several days hey Devon hey Brianna. Hey Kathy. Hey Julie. Then this is the one to use even if you have really long hair because the gravity and just weight of your hair is gonna pull those curls out the Big 30. Meter is best for big beachy waves, but a lot of times these curls don't last from day to day just because they're so big. alright and then. We have the attachment and so this is the base it has auto shut off. It does have temperature control. so how this works is you just gonna line up these holes and you put those in there. Clearly I didn't line it up quite right. Nothing like failing on live video. Good grief. Oh okay, the reason is you have to put it to unlock. Alright so once you put it to unlock then you put it to lock twist it in and it's locked and then you can turn it on and then you can unlock and if you need to change it out use the glove because you don't want to burn yourself. okay. It does have the cool touch tip and then we still have two more. this is the 20 - five millimeter. This is my go-to kind of almost every day and last but not least this seems to be everybody's favorite. This is the bubble wand these two so the tapered one in the bubble wand and the 19 millimeter only Set which is awesome. Hey Pamela Hey Kristine on my wishlist I know it's amazing okay and so this one 's gonna give you really like it inconsistent curls which kinda gives you like that naturally curly look just really awesome flowy really pretty and alright so there we go I just wanna let you guys know that's back in stock and let you guys see how awesome it is and it comes in this awesome little kit which is awesome for travel and Easy Storage Solutions. Okay. grab it while you can talk to you Bye.

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