Pro-Trump Neo-Nazi ARRESTED

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Pro-Trump Neo-Nazi ARRESTED

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Posted 1 year ago in Politics

El Dres 1 year ago

Hope ms 13 visits them.

Daniel Brady 1 year ago

Haha aren鈥檛 Hispanics in Florida called boat Mexicans? Lmao

Cassilda Carcosa 1 year ago

This reporter look like white privilege too. Need black reporters more.

Bruce Coffing 1 year ago

#Trump2020 #VoteDemOut #Kag #DefundDemocrats

Bruce Coffing 1 year ago

Great job in fake reporting. You make your Democrat masters proud. Keep spewing fake news you still got a lot of sheep to feed.

Steven Soto 1 year ago

First of all, Hispanics / Latinos or whatever they want to call us, can鈥檛 be eliminated easily, especially in Miami. We鈥檙e damn near the majority if not already underneath the bullshit. Spanish was the first European language spoken in America by the way.

Yes, sadly, there are Hispanics that despite the hate and rhetoric against them, they鈥檒l still believe that those who hate them actually have the best interest in them; but, there are fools in every group...

Peter Angelo Matina 1 year ago

And none of it has anything to do with trump.sad sad little people wake up and understand that the newest politician is not responsible for 60 years of bad government 馃槑

Gilbert Sanchez 1 year ago

That would have caused revenge on the part of hispanics. Hispanics aren't just going to sit back.

Ruth Vela 1 year ago