Tonight on EastEnders.

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Kathy goes dating.
EastEnders. Tonight. 8:35pm.

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies
Katrina Pearce
Katrina Pearce1 year ago

Wish mick would just tell his mum what this Katy did to him, or frankie tell them who she is, poor shierly tho, she really loves her son and family....I bet all of this will come out at Christmas, everything from what gray did, what happned mick...I hope Phil dont catch up with elly and Raymond

Sophie Trumpess
Sophie Trumpess1 year ago

Kathy doesn't look 70 she looks in her 40's so good job Peter changed it. When Ian said "Sharon has the bug" I literally thought in my head the virus she has.x

Sarah Jane Monk
Sarah Jane Monk1 year ago

It would be awesome she got back with Phil, that would make Ian annoyed like back in the classic episodes.

Edward G C Perkins
Edward G C Perkins1 year ago

They should know by now that kathy doesn't age at all she still looks the same since 1985 when the show began lol.

Danielle Chimes
Danielle Chimes1 year ago

Kathy with never do better than Pete! 😆❤ anyway how annoying is Lola & her big mouth, Denise annoys me too!

Pam Bamford
Pam Bamford1 year ago

Do these soaps pinch old storylines from other soaps? Bobby's OCD and compulsive behaviour, was done by Craig in Coronation street not so long ago.

ਜਤਿੰਦਰ ਹੰਸ
ਜਤਿੰਦਰ ਹੰਸ1 year ago

I’m glad that, Gray’s story isn’t taking the typical family bust up approach. It seems he will either hand himself in or take his own life, out of guilt and regret. He realises now how much he loved Chantelle and that he went entirely the wrong way about it. The court scene was great. The best storyline in 25years of watching. Wish the writers delved more into his past to show why he became like that.

Kathryn Rochester
Kathryn Rochester1 year ago

Her dating about me info well I was dead but I cane back alive 🙋🏻‍♀️

Marilyn Roberts
Marilyn Roberts1 year ago

Plesse get martin and Stacey back together. They clearly still love each other. Ruby is just annoying

Harry Hardy
Harry Hardy1 year ago

Peter is so cheeky, but tbh Kathy does look younger hope it goes well for her she deserves a gent in her life. Really like Peter and Bobby really care about their gran. It's Ian I can't stand, a sick twisted creep who lies about his involvement in his "best friend's" son's death because he wanted to sleep with her! What kind of idiot does that! I'm glad Sharon turned him down and I hope that she finds out soon that Dotty was telling the truth!