Tibetan exiles in India rage against Chinese goods

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In a fiery demonstration, Tibetan exiles in India have called for a boycott of Chinese goods.

Protesters smashed Chinese-made products on a Chinese...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Muhammad Adeem Anwar 1 year ago

lol they are destroying their own products which they have already paid to China.

Naeem Tahir 1 year ago

recording Camera. N95 mask. And many more equipment showing in boycott of Chinese equipment really funny. Crapped called protest.

Hector L Reyes-Ramos 1 year ago

If China has not rescued Tibet, it would have been taken by India, except that it would have an ill fate.

Dave Ley 1 year ago

I would love to boycott indian goods but i realise they only produce rubbish lmao

Ezzo Halabi 1 year ago

Haha there goes their life savings

Thomas Nexus 1 year ago

Tibetan? Weren't they extinct?

Prasoon Tiwari 1 year ago

we support our tibetian hongkong taiwanese and uighur brothers..ccp stop ur cruelities

Pemba Gyalpo Yolmo 1 year ago

Because of these actions Tibetan people back at home got more suffer ....

Andy Lim 1 year ago

They buy the Chinese goods then destroyed them to show anger.

Then buy more Chinese goods to replace those they destroyed. Then destroyed them. Repeat again.

They seems to "love" Chinese goods a lot.
Thanks for helping Chinese economy

Anil Dhami 1 year ago

I think they forget their native language .. lol tibetan . Speak your own language.