K-POP 왕좌를 노리는 6팀의 신의 한 수! 3차 경연 <NO LIMIT> 2라운드가 시작됩니다!

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[#킹덤/8회 예고] K-POP 왕좌를 노리는 6팀의 신의 한 수! 3차 경연 <NO LIMIT> 2라운드가 시작됩니다!

전설이 되어라, WHO IS THE KING?
매주 (목) 저녁 7시 50분 본방송...

Posted 5 months ago

Sday Cpu 5 months ago

Let's show our love for Lisa, if YG has restrictions with Lisa, let's have no restrictions with our support for Lisa, let's show that the more they want to outshine Lisa, Lisa will always have the support of the people.

Zully Ch 5 months ago

Owww LISA this episode will be amazing..lisa you are fabulous

Sierra Blixé 5 months ago

ang talino mnet ha ginawang thumb nail si Lisa

Florian Riego 5 months ago

Lili x ikon🔥ikon for the win!!❤️the power!

Pretty Savage 5 months ago

wow here lisa is so hot and very charismatic😍
Fighting lisa and ikon🖤

Anne Bonivie Opusa Padua 5 months ago

Blinks and Iconics please rise, the most awaited collaboration from the 2 legendary artist of YG is coming to win and having a fantastic collaboration in Kingdom

Sholihah Nazri 5 months ago

Go Go Go ATEEZ 💜 Don't bother with others group use featuring or collaboration artist. We don't need it. Just trust your own talents to make a remarkable, outstanding, mind blowing and legendary performance 💪 Fightinggggg. Love from Malaysian's ATINY 😘

Kirtwyne Hoe Wei Min 5 months ago

We Want Hyunjin & Mingi Back

Grace Quimba 5 months ago

Yass....BTOB and Miyeon 💙💙💙💙

Jansen Azore 5 months ago

LISA! there's just sooo much sass and sexiness