Officer Smith - Ok I’ll say it if no one else will

Officer Smith • 4 months ago   2.1K     103  •  42.5K Views

Ok I’ll say it if no one else will

Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith4 months ago

DAMN YOU. I just snorfled lemonade all over myself, my bed, my floor... I SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW

Rayanna Whiteside Walker
Rayanna Whiteside Walker4 months ago

I won't judge you for the two king sized Reeces cups...but I will judge you for that Diet Pepsi! Ya nasty! 😂

Amy Rozier Taylor
Amy Rozier Taylor1 month ago

Gasp.. Sinner, as I'm choking on a mouth full of Rolo's trying to wash them down with diet Dr. Pepper!

Tabitha Nicholson Stallings
Tabitha Nicholson Stallings4 months ago

When Zaxby’s had those great birthday cake milkshakes, me and my kids would go through the drive through quite often for them. One day the chunky little feller at the window greeted me in front of God and Country and was like “yeah I knew it was you. Y’all get more milkshakes than any other customer. Y’all never get food”. So I was terribly offended but told him thanks for noticing our large milkshake intake and waited for my milkshakes and left. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Michael Woodall
Michael Woodall4 months ago


Kelly Baughman
Kelly Baughman4 months ago

You almost made me snort my drink . From laughing so hard .

Chris Clark
Chris Clark4 months ago

Reese’s. Noom brainwashed me to eat peanut butter cups

Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy4 months ago

Damn it man, we fight the same battle, we wage the same war! We’ve seen things we can’t unsee and we’ve done things that we can’t undone. Samantha skinner this doesn’t implicate you in any primate larceny cases in the state of Missouri. Anyway,Our blood is shed and spilt together and mingles like a like cranberry juice and cheap vodka on prom night. We love we die
and we suffer at the hands of ridicule but damn it ….don’t judge us with your eyes. Don’t judge us…..
Damn you Susan, Damn you Bradd

Nachawin Leigh
Nachawin Leigh4 months ago

The more you get greyer, not even a word you sinners, the more the world wants you!! Mind yo business!!!😇

Tina Marie Catanzaro
Tina Marie Catanzaro4 months ago

Those shades tho…. 👍🏼