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Michelle Gentz
Michelle Gentz4 months ago

Everyone saying stuff about how she’s measuring and cooking with her hands and stuff…y’all never been to an Asian household and it’s showing.

Zack Newell
Zack Newell4 months ago

Wait. She was cooking something?

Michelle Gentz
Michelle Gentz4 months ago

It’s not fair to be that pretty and know how to cook like that. Damn.

Lau MP ChMen
Lau MP ChMen4 months ago

I know she's cooking in her house and not for selling to people, but my inner hospitality worker was shuddering at some of the plausible OH&S and food safety hazards xP!!

Loretta Erickson
Loretta Erickson4 months ago

Just look so unsanitary. Hair flopping everywhere. Yuk

Princess Lee
Princess Lee4 months ago

With the nails she poured in the garlic, hmm..so hygienic

Ryan Chris
Ryan Chris4 months ago

Ewa is awesome! She doesn't post many recipes on her IG, but when she does, they're solid. 💪

Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller4 months ago

TY for sharing this . Looks delicious .. She was great at explaining how to make this ...Where can we get her recipe??

Ginna Spring
Ginna Spring4 months ago

She is sexualizing cooking. Did someone pick her to make this vlog because of her looks? Can she really cook?

Yessenia Janeth
Yessenia Janeth4 months ago

Great explaination on how to make dumplings! yaz! Your ancestors will whisper in your ear when to stop adding, no measuring tools needed 🤣🤣🤣...though I cringed when she used the knife on her marble counter top 😬