What if Erika Jayne is Lying to Lisa Rinna?

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What if Erika Jayne is Lying to Lisa Rinna? #WWHL

Posted 1 month ago in TV & Movies

Luanne Valentine 1 month ago

I have been watching show for several months now. I believe some of the women are just out right back staggers. They want to talk behind ur back but want someone else to confront u about ur stuff. I laughed so hard the other night. I bet Erika Jayne can handle all of them with one hand…. Lol.
Oh how I wish I could be a rich snobby Women of Beverly Hills society. But I have to say Sutton’s got some balls. Lol I love the show

Rebecca Watson-Gale 1 month ago

It really is not about if Erika knew what Tom was doing, or if she broke the law, it is about the moral aspect of it once she did find out. She flaunted her lifestyle in the faces of these victims. She showed no sympathy for anyone but herself. Then she comes up with these bizarre stories as if to excuse Tom for what he did. If Erika would have shown some kind of compassion for the victims instead of crying about herself, she may have received much more support.

Jody Brockett 1 month ago

Erika keeps finding ways to throw people off the truth. Erika: your name is on the company paperwork so cut the CRAP. LISA: just shut up

Gia Gomatos Strimenopoulos 1 month ago

At this point, does it really matter if she knew or not?! She spent those victims’ money “unknowingly” apparently, but what has she done since to rectify that? Nadda. Actually no, she’s been on RHOBH flaunting the diamonds and purses and everything else that widows and orphans paid for. That’s the whole point Andy and RHOBH cast. Own it Rinna!

Elizabeth Brousseau 1 month ago

Doesn’t matter what matters is her continuing to spend their money and not do anything for the victims inexcusable! She continues to flaunt her lifestyle that was and is supported with stolen money! Heartless and I don’t like any of them anymore as they go along with her behavior Why don’t they give her good advice live simply and sell your designer crap and give it to the victims then maybe she would fee better none of it has brought her happiness giving is what brings happiness not having superficial things you don’t need.

Sandy Girard 1 month ago

Boy, she believes her simply because “she’s my friend“!!!!! She sure never said that about Denise and they were great friends for years well before she ever knew Erica. Lisa NEEDS TO GO!!!!!😬🤔😡

Patricia Dimaria Schram 1 month ago

Yeah I’d like to see that LR! How does one explain the snow storm in Pasadena … just asking

Judy Park 1 month ago

I lost respect for L.R., when she dogged Denise who had years of friendship and the way she is sucking up to Erica is a mystery, its not Who Rinna is, MS. Own up to it Queen

Joyce Story 1 month ago

Lisa is looking like Brandy Glanville

Janine Keck Smith 1 month ago

If she knew that these people didn't get their restitution,I can't believe she would sit still. That would be a monster.