Bulldog's Special Skill Not Taking Medication

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This bulldog's special skill is avoiding taking medication, no matter how her owner disguises it 😂😂

Posted 11 months ago in Food & Drink

LADbible 11 months ago

Big thanks to Lempi, Make sure to check out their TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@viral.bulldog

LADbible 11 months ago

Huge thanks to www.tiktok.com/@viral.bulldog for the video!

Andrea Lauchlan 11 months ago

I used to put mine in some margarine. I found my cat easier cos I would "scruff" her by the neck so her head tilted backed and made her mouth open. Tip the pills in, stroke her throat and shed swallow. Couldn't do that with my staffie!

Martha Lowe 11 months ago

The only thing we've been able to get work is crushed up and mixed in beef baby food. Weve tried it all! Meat, cheese, peanut butter, various pill treats.

John Grosskurth 11 months ago

I put my dogs pills in a SlimJim. I gave him a few pieces and I eat a few pieces to prime him up then he swallows it hole

Michelle Mishmash Kirkby 11 months ago

Same with my 20 year old cat! I break the pill into smaller pieces and put it in chicken but she'll still spit the tablet out🤦

Jennie Cooke Johansson 11 months ago

I put meds in cheese, then I give a 2nd piece immediately so he shallows the 1st piece with the meds to get the 2nd piece! Easily distracted!

Nicola Tanzell 11 months ago

Yep i know this only too well, having the same issue with my boy at the ment, they are so clever 😂 chicken paste is working for us though 👍🏻 some are crushed in his food which he eats but others we have to give in chicken paste or he don’t eat his food 🤦🏻‍♀️

Paula Moses 11 months ago

My dogs know that if I say it's medicine time they will be getting a spoonful if peanut butter! Never any arguments from them!

Steve Dementor Langley 11 months ago

Ours is weird. She'll eat whatever you give her and be grateful, don't even need to disguise it. She also doesn't care about fireworks but is apparently scared of bagpipes.