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We are doing our little bit to save the planet, with some very exciting news! This is our biggest-ever project yet, our very own #ThisMorning forest! πŸŒ²πŸ„

It lies at the heart of our plans to really, really go green. πŸ’š

Sandra McDonald
Sandra McDonald5 months ago

I hope they set up owl boxes maybe feed support for other birds and mammals if only in the bad weather our wildlife needs all our support get Chris packham or any wildlife champion to over see management

Eliana Delange Weaver
Eliana Delange Weaver5 months ago

Good idea!!!! just the stupidity of the two presenters, that they do not take it seriously. And please give Giles a permanente spot, what a nice and clever man!!!!!!!

Kirsty Gibbs
Kirsty Gibbs5 months ago

Let's hope the government doesn't decide to build a train line through it and use a Hybrid Bill to ignore any long standing legal or moral rules

Jane Catchpole
Jane Catchpole5 months ago

Well done This Morning. Our forests are so precious for many reasons. I look forward to seeing more of it.

Lesley Havell
Lesley Havell5 months ago

Love the forest idea. Well done to all involved.

Gillian Hippolite
Gillian Hippolite5 months ago

Love the idea of β€˜This Mornings β€˜forest, can’t wait to see Holly in there with all the bugs and creepy crawleys 😁

Paulette Lyon
Paulette Lyon5 months ago

Why can’t people just praise a good deed and that be that!

It’s a positive step in the right direction, one change or good deed can have a surprisingly big impact.

They will have far more success with the forest, than they ever would trying to stop the entire country from eating meat and driving 4x4’s!

Rebecca Apricot
Rebecca Apricot5 months ago

Great idea, it’s a shame more great big firms don’t do this to put something back.

Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas5 months ago

What a wonderful idea, protected countryside has to be the way forward. 🌳

Gillian Kerr
Gillian Kerr5 months ago

This is great but stop giving away big gushingly fueled SUV’s.