Can I Solve The Trapped Mine Puzzle Before It Goes Off?

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Can I Solve The Trapped Mine Puzzle Before It Goes Off?

Posted 11 months ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Chris Ramsay 11 months ago

This beautifully crafted brass puzzle is great for tactile puzzlers and looks fantastic on the shelf. Sould I do more Hedgehog in a box puzzles?

Kubajz Mikolášek 11 months ago

Chris Ramsay its Hedgehog in a cage - athough it has its origins in US, it was popular as mysterious item made by Jan Tleskač, a locksmith's apprentice from the Jaroslav Foglar's novel - Mystery of the Conundrum(Záhada hlavolamu) in 1940's in Czechoslovakia :)

Marcia Ward 7 months ago

So glad you're back. I can't ever figure out puzzles, but l Iove to watch you

Glenn Cabbagestalk 11 months ago

I love you but you did this one already, it’s been featured like three times..

Jason Seiler 6 months ago

The nail in the wood , he soaked it in warm water and had to wait 24 hours for it to become flexible. Then had to repeat again to bend back..

Mike Van de Vyver 11 months ago

finally practice ramsay my reality is insane and was looking for you for you clips for me to be able to release the reality smoothly .sorry for the words that are not correct i am from belgium and know that there really is a completely different order of words are in the sentences I make please respond yourself best regards Mike

Robert Mooney 11 months ago

I cheated took two halves apart inside cage then they fell out

Terka Akuma Spáčilová 3 months ago

Czech classic toy ❤️