The Amateur Teen Journo Who Force-Fixed Hill Road

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Suhani Bisht, 15, just could not stand the substandard repair work of a road near her home in Uttarakhand. She filed a Facebook ground report so strong,...

Posted 11 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Peeyush Srivastava 11 months ago

Kudos to you. Enlightened citizens like you can improve the system. Quality audit should be done and enquiry on corrupt officials must be initiated promptly. The contractor should be blacklisted. Btw, media is busy in Taimur’s diapers.

Jyotika Thapa Vashista 11 months ago

Shabaash bacche....keep doing good work like this. If we citizens r aware and b vigilant of what our administration is doing ....they ll b forced to work properly

Deep Karmakar 11 months ago

Well done' young lady and salute you for your courage to go against the system with corrupt officials who have passed such kind of substandard work 👌👍👏

Ritu Bhatt 11 months ago

Great job beta people like u need our country especially where u live .I also belong to uttrakhand n hv seen conditions of roads everytime v visit there situation is same as it was decades before 🙄

Sanjay Tirdiya 11 months ago


More power to Suhani Bisht !

Her spirit is the right one needed all around in #Bharat 🇮🇳 and any developing nation and society.

Sweta Raj 11 months ago

How much knowledge does she owe about civil engineering or road construction? Before putting such alligation on social media make ur self knowledgeable

Sambhaji Wagh 11 months ago

From kashmir to kanyakumari same situation. Whole country is deeply affected with corruption. Politicians, local corporations,engineers, beurocrats take their percentage of money; contractors will have to construct road in remaining meager amount, so road quality will be like that only.

Faghir Bent Bashri 11 months ago

I can't praise you enough young lady. Damn what a rolemodel and amazing human being you are. Your way of thinking is what the world needs. We need your light. Stay strong and best of luck for your future, may you reach the stars.❤🙌 Ameen

Rishav Badola 11 months ago

She certainly has the gravitas and presence to be a tv personality. Hope she becomes a journalist. The media in India is in desperate need of quality

Jamil Ahmad 11 months ago

Weldon young lady.
People like you can bring positive changes into the system.