I SEE DOORS OPENING FOR YOU ...FIRE OF... - Apostle Deserene Leslie "Midnight War Room"

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Try a single room Blessed Jesus bless Jesus my God Hallelujah Hallelujah Yes my God. Hallelujah Glory to God. Hallelujah Jesus Yes lord Yes lord I can hear the sound of heaven My God Whoo Oh yeah Let the euro with hallelujah The sound of touching Hallelujah Jesus The lord bless you everybody coming in Allah bless you sister Brianna God bless you ladies Whoo Yes Get ready tonight. My God The sound Evan touching us The sound of heaven touching it Woo Yes. Yes Hallelujah. Jesus somebody getting glory tonight for the King is in the House tonight The King of Kings is in the House tonight. My God Whoa that King is in the room tonight to high Yes. Hallelujah Somebody Hallelujah Jesus Break down God. Yes. Come on somebody that King is in the room tonight The King is in the room tonight He's the King of Kings and the lord of Lords Somebody say Jesus my God. Spirit breakup tonight Spirit breakout tonight. Yes God Let this place blaze with the tonight My God try That's somebody's alive Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I give God glory tonight. Somebody to be glory Somebody give him glory tonight for the King is here The King is here tonight now my God Somebody's about to be lifted up this night Somebody is coming out my God Yes Yes it is Who is the King of glory The lord. It's true And mighty the lord mighty in battle tonight to have the King is here and he is a welcome tonight Dominate this place Dominate this room. How that take over tonight. Oh my God and to shame the devil My God that King is here tonight at the King is here Somebody lift up the name of Jesus somebody lift up the name huh My God of our amber Somebody give him glory Yes he is the King and he is invited to come in tonight to have he is the King of glory The Lord's Trump mega the lord strong and mighty the lord Battles come on somebody Oh Jesus Oh Jesus Yes he is the King of glory The Lord's Trump and made the lord make impact Get ready tonight to have for every high place must come down and every stronghold must be broken hand almighty God Yes God we give you glory tonight. Come on somebody Yes, we put our hands up and we say thank you Jesus We call on the name of Jesus Donator my God. My God Yes and give him glory and give him glory at give him glory. Hat for fear is about to be a mighty move of God in this room tonight my God Principalities how must bow tonight in the presence of God every power Tonight to have any power that has been hindering your life tonight to have and your progress Get ready to see. God shift that thing Get to ready to see God move on your behalf Yes. Yes. Yes Many power better have Hit during you My God have get your ready The seed quarter removing tonight in the name of Jesus Oh my God I feel a move of God That is about my God had to bring down every principality. Have listen to me get ready because anything that has been blocking you blocking your progress I declare it must be a multinational I declare Shift Ramos your shanda Robert. Who should I declare a holy God shift this night to half I declare a holy God shit in your favor Rubber shanda He's getting ready to turn it around Yes He's gonna Morning high into dancing again He's gonna turn your sorrow into joy Yes Get ready Get ready for the dance tonight Get ready because God is about to make it dance Yes. A half You haven't dancing a long time You lost your job You lost your pizza but get ready for God is getting ready to give you back your joy Yes. Tonight I speak in tonight in the name of Jesus robot anything that's totally a joy It's totally a pizza You lots your peace of mind but get ready from God to turn some things around tonight out in your favor and my God Thank you Jesus Somebody just say Jesus somebody at the name of Jesus right? Where you are for a mighty fortress is our God is a mighty fortress Is our God is a mighty mighty mighty Oh my God Oh my God Yes I'm on a high tonight because The devil is defeated I declare that any has lost I declare in the name of Jesus that the better they both said tonight You have won had they clear tonight in the name of Jesus as a night of victory and nightmare Who shot I declare tonight and night of victory Yes It's your night Have you shall dancer? How you says sing you shall worship You should praise your God like Hannah did say yes my God God has turned Mikey He has turned Roma Shanda He has removed my barrenness. he has given me victory over the enemy Get ready tonight I don't know who I'm talking to but somebody need to get ready for your victory. Dance Get ready to show tonight like I've never shot before Get you ready? Get ready. Get ready to praise your I can never praise him before Yes Somebody get ready The bus. The holy ghost mover in your House tonight Yes Get ready The dance and the devil's head about Shanda on the neck of the enemy on tonight for Is he yours I declare victory in this place tonight Yes Yes I see God turning some things Rub of a shandy I see God Yes Moving in your favor Rubber sandal A seed God Yes Accelerating you see God shifting you tonight I see God raising up somebody on tonight Somebody had clear tonight It's a night of an open heaven tonight is the night when the heavens opened huh over your life in the name of Jesus. How tonight is a night Yes When the heavens are shift in your favor Huh How about Cassandra Who am I speaking to right now The spirit of Says lift up your head and look up because when you look up you shall see who shanda the heavens opened her life the night I declare You should pick back up everything Everything Everything that the enemy has stolen or God have from you You shall recover everything that the enemy stole her from you from your children from your household from your life everything. I came to test somebody Yes You might have been done but I came to tell you tonight is your nature when God lift up your feet out of the miry clay when God has raised you up when God elevates you when God may God Tonight is a night comprehensive total victory Yes Somebody get to ready because the heavens I opened How do I know it I know it because as we are in a fast when you begin to fast Heavens begin to open and revelation begins to pour forth and I heard the spirit of the lord, says Jesus Let the weak say I am strong He says The somebody that which you are going through It is for a transition Huh You are in transition into the Dementia Huh You are in transition My God My God You are about to break the glass ceiling over your head The limitation I'm by Shanda Cannot Run this side to somebody on tonight and I did clear every limitation No every restriction The enemy huh Placed against your life It is about how the shutter the pieces it is about how to shatter the pieces The limitations grab a beer and mold the enemy may God my God Holy God. Help me I hear the spirit The lord says tell somebody that enemy has been denied access to your life he says Because of your obedience that enemy has been been denied and says he has been denied access to your children's life The enemy has been denied access On somebody you better shelter tonight we are not going into prayer from a standpoint of defeat but we are going in from a standpoint of declaring victory in the name of Jesus Yes Yes my God Yes about caution Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus for a feel. The power of the anointing fear the power of the overtake car Feel the power robot who shanda of the warriors I feel the power The anointing in this room right now Huh Good God almighty I'd be clear in the name of Jesus The enemy can access you The enemy can no longer access your children The enemy Cannot access your marriage The enemy cannot longer access your anointing The enemy can no longer access By your House sold because I declare a supernatural comprehensive blood coverage over your whole son now of your children. Now over your spouse. Now I declare a supernatural blood coverage over your life right now The enemy Let me declare this bold and strong with authority and with power that the enemy huh No longer have access to those that are connected those said godly connected to this author God About Shea has released Huh Mighty God Angels of God with supernatural instructions to have for your life My God. My God Yes my God She is us She's there is a transition tonight Let me be clear it Let me declare that beer is a transition tonight. You will no longer hear me as I speak to you in the spirit tonight You will no longer focus on your weakness. My God You will no longer My God your weakness but God says I I want you to look the enemy in the face and declare I am what God says. I am I am an anointed her for this half I carried anointing her of a winner. Come on somebody they clear with me I carry the anointing her of a winner and about Sharia I carry the anointing of a warrior I carry the anointing of overtaken I carry the anointing of a conqueror I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ that ever loved me I am More Dennis Conqueror I am and all the Puma victorious in Jesus name My God My God Yes You are anointed for this No party Oh my God I'm feeling the anointing of a witness in this room How I declare You will not to lose a battle in this season I declare That every child of God will not lose a battle in this season of your life Somebody shout somebody shout, Jesus said a thank you My God Whoa Yes, I came with fire I came with fire I didn't go through 20 - four hours at the Acc win came with fire The fire of God that came with on tonight. Shanda. I declared Father enemy tonight I declare tonight you're coming out with your victory I declare hit the name of Jesus. Have that you shall dance tonight My God Can I ask everybody every person watching me right now Get somebody else in this room for tonight is a night for winners invite somebody as in the room The spirit of the lord said. Don't look at your circumstances Your circumstances does not dictate my God My God does not dictate who you are and what God as best in her You to be your circumstances. How does not dictate my God who you are stop looking at your circumstances my God but declare yourself tonight Open up your mouth Lift up your head Clear I am a winner tonight in the name of Jesus. How Jesus Christ a Nazareth I am a punk I am an overcomer The name of Jesus. How about my God? My God Need everybody honey goes help me tonight cuz yes I came with fire Yes I came with fire I need everybody right now to take a moment and bring somebody else it invite your neighbor. Your friends Listen your sister. Your brother Somebody need this tonight They're gonna dance Tonight I'm telling you get ready to dance because I heard the spirit of the lord says that which you are going through right now you are in transition for the next level You are in transition for your promotion Yes you are in transition My God into the Dimension of power The anointing on your life My God has become Jesus help me God The anointing on your life has become too hot to have for the enemy to handle you The anointing has become to potent to her for the enemy Somebody have begin to dance Somebody has begin to shelter Yes from God has anointed idea The things you have suffer God has anointed idea somebody get ready It's a night a victory Yes my God as I declare a comprehend shiva blood coverage of my life that this arrow Yes you will no longer walk in defeat You will no longer walk in defeat. Who am I speaking to You will no longer walk in defeat my God but your NATO How is your night A victory God is getting ready to raise up Somebody in this room and he says the telia but God almighty don't wait until the better is over somebody shout now Don't wait until the battle is over because how you are already declared her a winner Huh My God have you are already Yes your permission dancer somebody God has turned your morning into dancing again Jesus help me He's a listing. Huh Your Sarah Yes Tonight You will no longer cry but you a shout for joy Somebody how get to writing? How that take your joy back Get to ready that take your peace of mind in the name huh of Jesus Christ. How get you ready to take your family back snatch them I wanna see how I want you to share your husband Coming home Huh I wanted to see yet children of a crap cane marijuana dance dance tonight but God shadow a quick work He should more the speed he shall move immediately as your worship as you praise As you give him the glory he is about to move It's been dishonestly in your life and nobody can take the glory for it How about Shanda Yes. Yes. Yes sir I see somebody getting their joy back tonight My God I see it Before I even came in this room I saw dancing I saw celebration Rabbi who shot before I came in this room t'inquiète My God My God Jesus Jesus Well shut my God. My God My God. My God. My God I cannot tell you I heard the spirit of the lord as I got down to seek God for midnight to Arlington out I'm not surprised by how God is moving My God bad boy Can I ask everybody to help me get the word out Please do me that favor Get in your friends, man boxes on their page and invite them into the room Clause As I got down to seek God for midnight world tonight I'm not surprised at how I see God moving I heard the lord said get ready at emotion Are you ready for this He said. Get ready huh How about for a night time of Refreshing Did somebody hear me he said. Get ready for a time of refreshing in the presence of the lord had get you ready for a time of refreshing shadow God that rules and rain he said Get ready Five time of refreshing in the presence of the lord and and and and and there shall be glory after this There shall be carabao rabbi Mighty God I'm telling you tonight Yes God has heard your cry He has seen your tears He has seen it and he says huh Get your idea for a time of refreshing in its present Get your ready to do your victory dance Get your idea Who shot to step up my get ready to break the glass ceiling Huh Get ready My God Father limitations have been removed a full of your life No more crying No more But this is your night that bad somebody mega Is your night It's your night How did I bought shoes It's your night today It's your night Oh my God to shout glory to God in the highest Yes somebody for this night The evans are opened and the glory Jesus the glory is here People are God midnight. Worry as the glory is here The glory is here Monday Shut Yes I see the limitations removed I see the Yorks Pray King I can hear the chains breaking right now I wanna see the glory Yes somebody huh Yes by the glory Huh I'm God show Revealed for the glory of his power is about to manifest Back. Go Rabbi the spirit as broken out today may God my butt and even I'm here in revelation after revelation Even as I'm here ahead I'm busting you out of the grave tonight I'm breaking up every concrete block that they text you in lock down Throw away the key Up on you God says get ready huh Cuz I'm breaking you out Shut up already I'm breaking you out on tonight and they shall know that God is for you Oh my God. My God. I hear you. Holy gossip They shall know that God is for you They should know that every type Came against you or they did was gave you leverage claim how your God God a matter only goes up every time they came against you They gave you leverage to claim into the next day. Mention my God Have they been? No my God that all they were doing The duct on you huh You just shook it up my God. I hear the holy ghost I don't know if that's for you but I know that's for me Holy God says when this through dirt at you Yeah they did not realize that you were shaking it off and every time that you She got the debt It put leverage under your feet My Kosha who am I speaking to They were looking for you to die but God says Not so I blocked it How God said. I stopped it he said. No weapon that was formed against you could ever prosper and Get to ready the shatter The glass ceiling that I thought you would never walk into her They start You will never cross over but I came to declare how over somebody tonight The power of God is in this room and it's a National over all You're crossing over your crush of God. My God man My God I feel the glory I feel the glory happy may God Jesus my God That dirt that it lifted here it became Huh You hear your holy ghost that dirt became Minister Into the next dimension or because you shook it off you said our used to God down in the name of Jesus They thought they were bury new huh when they're true. The dirt at you but it came to The dirt was qualifying you my God It was pushing your into the next dimension It was bushing your into the rams of the supernatural I hear your holy gospel how he says daughter He said son tonight I am giving you Win to have the flyer like an eagle Fly eagles fly my God Holy ghost What about I feel the anointing I can't hardly contain it I need somebody in this room Those of you watching those of you watching me I need you to help me get the word out invite somebody in the roof and even if you have done so already large Jesus just by your obedience God is about to bless you beyond your wildest dreams some By your obedience God is getting ready to turn things in your favor They want you go under how about Kashunda but can I tell you tonight They shall watch you rise Yes They watch you go under And that was it They gave up on you but tonight I came to tell you God says they rejected you but I am accepting. Oh God my God. My God My God makeup And then about Darren Jet the scandalize marginalized but God says I have accepted He said, get ready tonight Oh my God Can I add somebody To just run around Yup Pouch Run around Have your bedroom Run up the staircase Run down the staircase because it's your night dance I hear that's god's dancer I am giving you that since On tonight I hear that as you that every darkness is shake. Hannah huh Off of you as you dad's robber who shot the darkness is shaking off and I tell somebody He stand your morning into dancing again That's my brother That's my sister Get up Dad's if you're fit If you are sick and you are in this room at dare you to get up off of your bed Big into dancer because as you dance God said he's removing sickness Yes You must must must must must Pasta you massive You must You must dance The glory as hit us by God by God That's it That's it That's Jesus Yeah E we got I did not I do over to the expectations of your enemies he said. The expected new to die but he said, I did it hand you over Expectations of the enemy mandala so you must dance You gotta dance That's into midnight dad. Still the shockers are loser dad still the change Break up dance to every Demon come up your turf dance dance dance. That's a Bush wash Mega Somebody's victory. Not only God buddy. Got holy Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus. Can I ask everybody One more time Thank you Yeah. I mean not having to be destructed but you are getting the word out Thank you mom Thank you I need you one more time To invite somebody in as I got on my face tonight to seek God And that didn't have much time but as I dropped on my niece tonight bring somebody else in the room Do me that favor God bless you God bless your hands God bless you House as I drop on my face to next as I said God What is a word for midnight tomorrow He says the tell them Night is a night of a refreshing in the presence of almighty God handle Sha Cannot. Tell Ashe snatching your joy snatching your anointing He's breaking the grave You only go set me Holy ghost. Help me I see people I see you busting out tonight I see your breaking loose I see be lifted Oh dump that. Sorry I see coming up lesser us I see busting out of that grave on tonight No more grapes close No more grave club Oh God Jesus Jesus I didn't come here to act like this tonight I came in here just acute and give you a word But I had the holy God says Putting out a breakthrough for you tonight is putting out your victory that which you have been praying for We over crying over he said. No more I got turned your morning into dancing I got bliss Sarah for tonight daughter come forward tonight No grave Not who shy No grave Can't not you awake tonight God said. I'm breaking you huh The graver shut up my hand My God. My God. My God Only God Jesus Jesus see this anointing feel tonight It's not ordinary about shadow Is not ordinary It's the anointing of the fake yet Cannot tell somebody who just got in the Rima The spirit of the lord says I can tell you you must get up and you must dance Dance You got to dance Yes huh As you dance the blood pressure is my God The blood pressure God almighty is regulated as you that's my God They are be Is leaving your body as you dance Good. God. Almighty changes a breaking as you dance How my God strong holds a shuttering You dancer the limitations on your life huh On your children's life on your destiny is how being shut Pieces coming forward with victory You are coming forward Answer Huh Asa corrupt You are coming forward Asa an overcomer you you oh God. Oh God Cannot tell you The spirit of the Lord says Those of you can I ask you everybody to share to invite somebody one more time Get somebody in the room even if you have done so already just get somebody in tonight cuz I came to speak life Came to prophecy I life The enemy has been promising death over your life long enough but I came to prophesy life tonight The lord say getting ready to take your life back Get ready to take your children back to not get you ready. Get ready for you again Moment listen I don't know who this is for Minister Syria knows who connected to this article in this 20 - four hour of a fast that ends in the next two minutes, the lord says the failure here is an anointing in this room. Deliver answer everything your whole should have been through by the past four to five years Rubber rocking the shy The Cia Holy ghost he said How sad deliverance breakthrough your children your husband your wife I got my shy your family Is Biden Risk Jordan on tonight Your family is bitter restored And even though that any man meant it for evil God says he who has the final say huh Who who the enemy meant it for evil button Says the best somebody even though it should have killed you it only position you Rise into the next dimension he says to tell you the enemy Destroy a but God but God. What God meant it to catapult you into greater in the name of Jesus somebody Great is on my household in the name that is above every every every every every the name that name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Good, right Released on tonight Yay It's your naked dance It's United Dancer dead end How is been resurrected anything that God declared That should live in your life and it has been bad and dormant tonight Come alive every dry bone every bad situation that God says huh must lever upon The resurrection and the life on tonight On Jesus on Jesus I call on Jesus resurrected resurrected resurrected every dada dormant situation that is says must live In the name of Jesus Christ Whoa I feel anointing Cannot tell you Can I ask everybody to share Sorry to invite Bring some others in get it. Tell you wanna see I know And no, this is God I know This is God and not me and know the hand of God is on me tonight I won that how I was gonna do this tonight I wondered how I was gonna do this tonight after The 20 - four hours or more of not eating I say God If I go to midnight Warm tonight Gotta strengthen No my God This is the hand of God And when I hit the floor tonight and I say God what is it? You want me to tell you are people to not He says Kevin Good God almighty It is a night It is a night of a refreshing It is the night when the tears I've been White from your ads It is the night What's the glory to glory to glory It is the night when you got dancing feet and the holy ghost you must bance break move over David said when the spirit of the lord descend on me Advanced somebody better get up to my God. My God It's your night when God restore you who am I speaking to Maga It's the night when For your life You are in this room tonight I speak Very calling over your life It can't get any worse. I don't know who this is for seems like things can't get any worse Came to tell you Came to tell you See you in that God poured down Good God. Almighty A restoration restoration as come to your House restoration restoration Yes. Lady Arlene It's Dan Signature Restoration Restoration Restoration is in this room tonight It's in this room Don't take this for granted I need everybody watching me again even if you have done so already we we In a night of celebration No tears no tears, wet the tears Somebody is in this room right now with a back pain Am commissioned under the authority of the Holy ghost Tell you I command that backpack I commanded to leave now because you must be dance tonight You must nuts You must bats in the name of Jesus Christ Out here in the rounds of the spirit It's a night of refreshing I be clear some of you tonight You shall be satisfied You should sleep like a baby tonight Your health should be restored your marriage To that marriage Is about to be restored somebody God said I give you dancing feet to now Give you a dancing feet The spirit of the lord says that which you have been through Oh God Let me tell you what I told them before Because the spirit of the lord says Shanda Posa Thank your holy ghost The spirit of the Lord says Tonight Dart a pasa Tama Hyundai has a feeling an anointing to go higher in the rims of the spirit but I came to death somebody They threw that at you And that's packed it to barrier rock Oh my God I see doors busting open I see doors busting through that at you and expected to bury my God But I hear the spirit of the lord says hear me Say you shook it off And you cried some tears As a matter, if I can, I tell you what I hear your your bone Cried They threw that at you And I expected to bury you but I came to declare upon the authority of the resurrection The resurrected Christ tonight I came to be clear to you Even though Pasa candle shop Dirt Barrier Holy ghost says somebody Shake it off And you said even though they were throwing dirt at you Used to go down in Jesus name and you shook up the dirt and you are wondering how what was going on Underneath your feet but the lord says hi every payment you shook off the dirt You were climbing higher Yeah. Yeah. Yeah That Gave you a leverage My God The dirty huh What's only building Are you the dirt Raising you up you which Todd that test a pineapple and the dark. The dirt dirt It's elevating and tonight huh That witch you have been going through Was only four your elevation into your next dimension God turned it Sunday Rather bullshit God turned it I hear transition Your elevation For dogs or had to shake off the dirt your fault. Somebody's Cried some tears that Bush Came to clear upon you tonight You're set You're sick time Favor tonight It's your night with the grave that they buried you in I got busted open The night when the limitations good God I hear you It is the night When the limitation Has been removed Is the note When every dirt That necessary Elevated It is tonight when you know God said it is restoration night Is the night of restoration And everything you lost Everything that the enemy rub you after That enemy lavish some of you home don't know what speaking to but last season The enemy jamen Ravish Rubbish your life who sat behind Destroy your marriage Robbie children the spirit of the Lord says it's restoration The dark couldn't bury Implemented for evil But the spirit of the lord as To ask you the question tonight I tell you who has the final say over your life Oh Who has the final prophecy over your life It imitated for Eva God's amendment it Can't depart you in the next dimension and you shall be Shad be restored Y'all. Don't understand you don't understand. I'm not I'm not even in my strength My physical strength is so weak But the spirit of the Lord says Who has the final prophecy over your life Sasha Telia the glory Listen Be a woman of God tonight The glory of the House Happy Great Monday the glory of false God said what I'm getting ready to do Jesus бегом Perform it should restore you and that which the enemy that which that enemy stole from you It's about to burnish toward Thousand Ford My God then glory of the House You have not seen anything yet I see I see some things you weren't qualified for the spirit of the lord says the process My God my God I need everybody one more time even if you've done it already please do me a favor Get The word old bring somebody else in the room We're almost done but I gotta speak over your life tonight Lord said. Tonight is a night of our refreshing No such story No sad story Bless the hands of every person that I've invited somebody in this room unless your household I bless your children I bless your finances I bless your Ministry I bless you I bless you I release a comprehensive blessing from God from the Throne Room of God tonight Upon your life Release comprehensive blessing conference Let me tell you something Let me tell you something for those of you That you have been fighting these battles The spirit of the lord says to tell you It's your time for restoration Everything that the aim is told from you Is about to be restored A hundred four a thousand fold because the glory of the House Shall be greater My God bend the form The glory of the lactose My God I haven't even had a chance to bring somebody but the glory of the letter Shabby Greater Then the form my God And you saw that in this season who am I speaking to new shale dance in this season See somebody in this room Your life is getting ready You see that glass ceiling that you You always wanted to walk in to the next dimension To tell you the glass ceiling has just been shattered The glass ceiling I hear your holy ghost has just been shuttered Abi I'm just taking a moment to bring somebody Cuz this is two carat rock As I look I just tell you what I see I see keys dangling by God not by saying I see kids that Glen Get somebody Let me get somebody here I see Keys Danville And I hear Excess gravity You are above gusset I put you through what I put you through because what you are about to walk into He said what you carried last season Prepare you for where he is about to take you To walk in a platform of greatness with the power of God carrying you my God. My God I'm seeing so much The spirit of the lord says the next black phone that you walk upon They will know You went through something He said the reason why I allowed it What about a shandy wasn't so that you would be able Form that I am about to place you on And you will not you will not play with the anointing because you paid the price for it Phone God said What What you went through last season was bad thing Have been wait anointing upon you He said, That's all it was all this time. You were kicking and screaming And telling God to remove it and to stop it he said I was only Process in you father next major doorway For the next major platform for the next major move and and and hear me They will know they won't have to ask They will said that woman that man of God went through something Because of the anointing that they carry hear me they will know Andrew Bring goodness and whatever that name they will know Anointing Pause You went through Public humiliation Cause you were about to carry a public anointing I'mma show God said tonight is not a night of a sad story No cheers in this midnight. Warm tonight for tonight is your night to Dance tonight is your day to sing yourself to tell your story at tonight is your night About show Send to your son That's the that's the dads who am I speaking to You have not smelled a lot time But tonight How about my boss Make you laugh cuz in my spirit I just love Do you know that movie with the Penguins Somebody better remind me of the name of it They were doing was dancing I hear your holy ghost I believe it's happy feet somebody you don't It's crazy for you to do this right now Big cause Yes Apostle Because All you can see is darkness But the spirit of the lord say yes native bitches. Thank you Happy feet Oh many of you know happy feet I'm just seeing feet dancing like this It looks crazy to you but I know when God begin to speak prophetically it shows me something I just see Happy feet celebration You should celebrate You shut celebrate my God You should That's and you shall dance and your child dance And even if you cry it's tears of joy My God, my God See somebody dancing Good news Over this day Good news Somebody better understand this that you're under an annuity You're under Anyway I'm not in this name As a restoration Somebody laugh Sacramento Motian who attended emotion as the power of God Upon you tonight As the glory of God is manifested tonight See Doors and doors and doors That were locked against you got told I needed to do something for me right now Raise up your hand Raise up in that I want you to do this. This is by faith Want you to raise your hand and I want you to push the door I want you to go like this and as you do this tonight Every door every door that was locked against is opening every door Every limitation Every embargo that the enemy place against your life Budget is overturning the embargo tonight I wish I could I wish I could Release it to you like Feel God Embargo has been The same way After thank you all, it goes the flood That no experience Slump in some of you have gone through the file You know God through the flood The end of the day The air Arc that Noah was in That's why I know God is with you tonight The ends of M is upon you today Came to rest Upon a mountain Hard Mount arie evangelist Rabbits The Ark came to rest upon a mountain called Mount Erie and for those of you that study the word of God Understand God word aright in the Hebrew Means the curse has been revised rock who sat Caribbean wholesale God says the storm your big through Thank you. Holy ghost father. Remind thank you bishop See what when I thought God for my husband when he goes into study He goes indeed he said baby I want to show you this and just now the holy ghost brought it back to remembrance During the storm Came to arrest Mountain Mount erect who am I speaking to tonight after the star after star This is the aftermath this is after the storm And the lord said to tell you the curse as been reverse caramel hush and Has been reversed in the name of Jesus Christ I want to dance tonight somebody Want you to dance tonight And as you dance I want you to declare I'm taking my victory lap Taking it back tonight in the name of Jesus Christ But some of you It was not just a storm It was at Europe clarity and star more like a tsunami Run that emotion My God. My God By shutting that down Some of you it has been a phenomenal But the spirit of the lord said I took you through it to elevator Tonight is dance night Somebody snatched a victory about somebody snatch your breakthrough Somebody's snatch it as you dance tonight You got dancing feet You got dancing feet and you shall dance in the name of Jesus Christ and you shall recover all in the name of Jesus Chris Is your night of victory? Hear me I feel so my strength but I feel the anointing about. Bye Some of you lost your piece of mind You lost your joy You lost your peace Hear me It's your night when that which came against you is returned to the sender That which came up against you God said. It's about to backfire canda In the name of Jesus your household a year household restoration Your household restoration Tonight You have transition Into the next dimension you have been elevated Because you suffered because you shook up the dirt Caramba The dirt The snake Venomous Beast came up getting seal literate Snatch onto your hand Expect to you to drop dead How be it That you took it off You shook off the venomous beast Thank you. Holy ghost Listen it might not be for you tonight but somebody I know God is speaking to this girl right here you shook up the venomous beast God said, get ready to live They They expected you to drop dead They expected to write your obituary They expected you To give up and throw in the towel God so get ready to take your life back to take your destiny he said. Your future is secure Future my God is secure in God Speak life tonight And God shall raise you up Monday And you shall be counted my God. Holy ghost You shall be content among the overcomers Shall be counted Evangelist Gail among the overcomers who am I speaking to You shall be counted Can I ask you one more time To bring somebody in Invite somebody else in the room cuz I'm getting ready to pray As anointing as Christian in this room As the glory cloud as calm down and holy ghost Because God has confirmed This fast God has born witness to this fast The glory of the House Shall be greater Who has the final say Has Say on tonight Me who has the final say God has the final say and he said that which the enemy meant for evil God. Meet to put an anointed upon you so that you would go help somebody else You are the modern day Joseph You are so doubt Brown Yeah. Yeah my God You don't understand I wanna I wanna finish but I feel the holy ghost pushing me I don't know who I'm speaking to you are the modern day Joseph Brown sold out by your brothers Because of what your anointing that you carry they sold you out left you for dead But they did not know What the enemy meant for evil God was gonna use it to save them to save all nation This is for tonight but you have been through something that it should have killed that shit. I've lost your righteous mind Righteous man. You should not have been in your right mind tonight Should enry you are in the vein of an anointing baby girl They didn't know that they could not purpose And the purpose of God in your life Far old Wade They threw at you then it through you in the And they left you for dead Left you for dead Good shot They left you for dead people close to you That could not handle What God blessed you Joseph Jones. If you carried the anointing of a visionary of a Dream And your brothers could not handle so damn Through you in through you in the pit Got the head writer because Every ones that screw you in the pit Come back to beg for forgiveness And to apologize that's it. I had to keep you Process to take up the enemy to take up the males Of you said, because when you see them he wants you to bless them Hear me Is that when you see them In this season you shall be no any muscle in you You shall bless them because he said he had to process all of that out of Joseph so that it could take Joseph to the palace. I don't know who I'm talking to But the struggle is over Drug that true you in the pit and true you in prison Gosh is calling your name tonight Lis Shave yourself Shame change your garment My God Change your garment Take off the prison clothes Shave yourself I see somebody The Butler and the Baker forgotten God I did not forget you Tonight is your night when the holy God said for you Get rid off the prison garment Even you're very cold enough when you walk out a midnight war room tonight even your very continents Is gonna shy cuz God said he's taking off You gonna shave is taking off that would you carried in last season But he says is about is a change that garment and get ready for the palace because what you carry What God as birth in you It's not just for you But it's for your household It is for your city for your state for Nations Somebody get ready for global somebody. Get ready for global Which you went through it bursts it in you a global anointing You are going to my God You have become the standard bear Or yes ashwagandha The garment of happiness has been lifted off of your life tonight and there is a garment of praise The garment of heaviness has been lifting And the garment of praise Listen to me next week I have a major when I say major announcement to make in this room What God almighty God. God on that I have a may don't miss a beat next week If you're in this room right now, I need you to make sure you like the page follow the page after you click on, follow turn on your notifications and click on see first so that you will know when I come in this room You would be one whenever you come You will be notified Whenever you come on Facebook, you will see you will see where I am. You will see anything I've posted. You will see it Yes Oh my God. Let it bitch. I forgot I forgot my God next week. It's my next week Tuesday. It's my birthday Wow Thank you God next week, Tuesday It's my birthday to God. Be the glory so but what what I'm I'm gonna make a major announcement next week I'm gonna make a I'm not. I'm gonna make a major announcement even though Tuesday is my birthday Yes and of course I welcome your gifts Not I don't I don't take Personal gifts I don't I'm sorry. I don't take personal gifts reasons being you don't know what I like and for adventure. You get me something that I don't like or can't use You're not gonna feel good about it. So if you wanna be a blessing you can always bless me via sowing a seed that's always welcome Let me say that for the Yes, if you wanna bless me, that's the way you can do it No daughters don't forget beloved Thank you so much Thank you Apostle Carnegie. God bless you Amen Minister win some. It's not my birthday as yet Amen but thank you Thank you so much for your support Amen. Thank you for your support. Listen before we go. I want you to connect to this night. It's the last night of the broadcast and I want you to I want you to do something special tonight I want you to do something special in this room tonight Everyone of you that are able to I wanted to release a $30 seed tonight in this room and I want you to declare I want you to declare that tonight tonight It's your night when God has removed. The limitation tonight is your night of Tonight is your night Thank you everybody. I feel so special. I feel so special Thank you but I want you all. Listen to connect to this broadcast tonight Because you're getting ready to celebrate your getting ready to dance and in a night like this, you should know how to connect I want you to release a 30 - dollar seat in this room and declare listen greater greater is on my life. Greater greater is been released upon my life. Greater is being released upon my life in the name of Jesus Christ. Those of you who wanna Wanna show your seed I want you to go ahead and do so via Paypal or Zell quick pay Paypal quickly, I want you to connect tonight, connect whatever you do connect in this room Don't just be a receiver but understand when you open your hands and release God will make room for more You can release your $30, Advia zel quick pay or via Paypal and the Email The email is at the bottom of the screen It's thank you Evangelous Robinson. Thank you. God bless you. Women of God. God bless you. We're praying for you praying for you The Email is at the bottom of the screen I want everyone of you that can listen to me At least a $30 seat tonight Something tonight hear me If you connected to this broadcast tonight I want you to go ahead and release God is about to turn your finances your whatever it is. You believing God to turn for you tonight I want you to go ahead and release that I want you to go ahead a $30 seed And declare it's your night of restoration whether it's your finances whether it's your marriage whether it's your Ministry whatever it is your prayer Whatever it is I want you to declare It's my night of restoration glory to God You can do so via Zell quick pay via Paypal Is Chain Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com No, we don't have cash up. I'm sorry It's Chain Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com As you release I declare as you release that seed that you shall it shall come back to you Good measure pressed down shaken together running over a declare a magnificent harvest My God upon your life as you release I declare Restoration upon your life God is gonna ready to restore it Yes. It's your night of restoration The Email is at the bottom of the screen glory to God It's your night of restoration Shane Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com Chain Breakers 2014 at Gmail dot com Over those will release their seat tonight that you will not be in luck You will not see lap in the name of Jesus Christ I speak open doors speak access over your seed Understand when you release a seed When you release a seed you must expect a harvest when you plant a seed expect Harvest I am a soil and God said give it seeds to the soul and bread to the eater Glory to God Hallelujah Yes, it's your night. I'm a restoration It's your night of restoration again. The Email is Chain Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com whatsoever a man soul that Shelly also reap What's ever man Soul that Shelly also reap as long as the Earth remains There shall be seed time and harvest those of you asking about zel God bless you later very God bless you. God bless you. Those of you soon God bless you lady Valerie. Yes Amen Go ahead Those of you that wanna sow via sale you just need the Email and the email is at the bottom of the screen Amen The Email is at the bottom of the screen It's Shane Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com Chain Breakers 2014 All yes, Jessica rain only matters to those who have a seed in the ground glory to God and I believe it's getting ready to rain harvest must come if you saw you must read If you saw you mustard glory to God If a man plants corn he will record If whatever he plans so, if you need God to restore your finances I can tell you this cuz I live by it glory to God If you need God to restore your finances I wanna declare to you tonight Listen to me If you need God to restore your finances I wanna say to you tonight Plant your seed glory to God Amen Oh my God. What a night this has been and can I tell you you only have cash up Casey? you only have cash up. Let me tell you go ahead and down You only have cash up what you need to do is. Go ahead and download paper people. It's just like casha Yes Paper is just like cash so you gotta go ahead Download cash app Amen And Not sure what's going on there Glory to God Amen Shaney Yes You're tiding and you're sewing My God has brought you much success at so many in this room can prove it So many in this room can prove it. So we don't have to argue about it. Those who don't understand I don't even have the time tonight to spend with you to explain it Amen Glory to God. So God bless you. Pastor Mason. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ You can so via Paypal or zeal quick pay The Email is Chain Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com or you can mail your seed to Chain Breakers Church 40 - 505 Northwest 10 Third Avenue Sunrise, Florida 33351. Praise God Well, my battery I tell you Amen So you can mail your seed to our church from Glory to God We're at 40 - 505 Northwest 10 third Avenue Sunrise Florida 33351 and that's Chain Breakers Church. Amen. Chain Breakers Church Praise God so getting ready to close off but before I do so I wanna pray. Ever seed that is released and those who are getting ready to release it even after the broadcast speak over your seed May there be a Manan animus harvest May there be a magnanimous harvest May your seed Bring you a magnificent return in the name of Jesus as you have As you have released in obedience tonight, I pray that God will turn your sin The God of the harvest will turn your seed into a mighty harvest in Jesus name Again the Email for sale and for Paypal is at the bottom of the screen It's Chain Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com Okay it's at the bottom of the screen. You just need to click on it and you'll see the Email praise God when I thank God for tonight and I'm a shame the devil because I wondered how I was gonna have the strength to go through midnight war room Understand that that that that that the lord Yes. Reverend Marion. Yes. See you see you on Saturday? Yes The lord commissioned us to go on a 20 - four -hour fast power. Fast 20. - four -hour power Excuse me and so coming into midnight War room I would I would I have to break the fast or wait until after the fast to get something I said, I'm not gonna break the fast I'm not now in the name of Jesus and God. You gotta give me the strength and I'm faithful to God and I I felt the anointing of God so tangibly tonight I felt An anointing a new It had to be God and that send God Donna was you don't need a telephone number if you got the email God bless you sister Karen. God bless you woman of God in the name of Jesus God bless you Amen Yes And so I thank God because God allowed me to go through tonight My God to go through tonight without having to Break fast and I say to God be the glory for that Listen those of you or who came into covenant with this fast after the fastest over then comes the glory after the fastest over then comes the glory Listen. God is a God that answers and I wanna say to you tonight. Those of you that have sacrificed that I've turned your Down that came into agreement glory to God Listen to me You're gonna see the fast speak for you God said. If my people that are called by my name will humble themselves pray seek my face and turn from their wicked ways Then show you hear from heaven Then Shelly hear from heaven and he will heal their land Camille you attempted to break it but I thank God for those of you who covenanted and who went through the fast I bless you tonight I bless you and the God of heaven that has taken note of your sacrifice He has taken note of your sacrifice of your You're fasting of how you laid out on the altar and is getting ready to reward you The word of God declares that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him he said. If you seek me you shall find me or something the lord impressed upon me It is as though we needed to do an emergency fast glory to God Glory to God and to raise up an altar unto the lord and a fat God for that Listen tonight before we go and before I do the benediction do not leave unless you get the benediction in I want to remind you we have a few more spaces left for the leadership luncheon at the Westin Hotel Fort Lauder Florida Saturday from 10 AM to three PM We have a few spaces left if you're a visionary if you got if you if God has anointed you to do something powerful radical in this season and you really don't know how to get started in doing it. You don't know how to birth it you need to be there if God has blessed you with an anointing for even business and you don't know how to get started This is gonna give you a push start as to how And so how to as to how you can get started Amen and I bless God tonight because this woman of God doctor elder Cora Brighter Mitchell out of the Potter's House, Dallas, Texas Bishop TD Jakes Ministry. She's coming to be with us on Saturday for the luncheon and the luncheon is $60. We may have about five more Spaces left The luncheon is $60 and yes the luncheon $60 and the luncheon includes you will get lunch at the Westin Hotel and you will also get a certificate of completion A certificate of completion. You'll also get my God. There are some of you that that did double my God may God give you double that God gives you Glory to God. Yes so you will also get a certificate of completion Amen saying you have completed the course and and it's it carries heavy weight. When you get a certificate from our Ministry It carries it speaks volumes Amen Praise God also if you're in the South Florida area I wanna Especially invite you over we are located at 40 - 505 Northwest 10 Third Avenue Sunrise, Florida 33351 We are we are Chain Breakers Church, Sanctuary of Praise and Worship Ministries Chain Breakers Church. We're located at 40 - 505 Northwest 10 Third Avenue Sunrise Florida 33351. Begin at Three PM Laquan Flemings You'll need a Red inboxes in this inbox and let us know where you are Okay let us know where you are so that somebody can get you this Sunday. It's a one day summer revival. It's gonna be powerful impacting life transforming and of course doctor sorry the bride Again she's gonna be with us on Sunday. I'm telling you it's gonna be powerful It's gonna be phenomenal. There's gonna be a phenomenal move of God in that place Amen It's gonna be a phenomenal move of God for those of you please please inbox us on this inbox and we will know where you are if you need Ride Amen The address for the church is 40 - 505 Northwest 10 third Avenue sunrise, Florida 33351 and we begin Three PM sharp. Okay we begin Three PM sharp so I wanna take the opportunity to invite you those of you looking Church home please those of you looking for a church home Please I'm gonna ask you if you're anywhere in the South Florida area from Palm Beach West Palm Beach all the way down to the keys for Lauderdale Wherever you are in South Florida you can we would love to have you We would love to accommodate you You're looking for a church home Please We are looking for you too If you're not saved listen your in midnight war room. You're following apostle Leslie You need to be saved You must give your life to God Everything means nothing without you surrendering your life to Christ everything Nothing Everything means nothing if you without you surrendering your life to Christ So I wanna say to you tonight Get saved. It's a simple process Only God can save you says believe on the lord Jesus Christ and you shall be say is now if you believe you will go on to do what the word of God says you should do So tonight all you need to do say a simple prayer lord I am a sinner I need to be saved Come into my heart Come into my life I surrender my life to you tonight I want you to be lord over my life I acknowledged that you died on the cross and you shed your blood for me I repent of my sins tonight. I ask you for your forgiveness Ask you to make me one of your own in Jesus mighty name glory to God and if you said that prayer simplifying a bible believing church find a bible believing church, God bless you overcome a Craig find a bible believing church that believes in water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ The in filling of the holy ghost which is the power of God unto salvation and And living a godly righteous life Find a church like that and stay in there and God glory to God and and and and and watch your life grow in God and keep on coming into midnight war room Amen Keep on coming into midnight war room Amen Praise God So what else did I miss Chain Breakers How about you join me in the chain breaker room this morning Join us in the chain Let me say that this morning we have intercessors We have prayer warriors in the room Amen And so it's a good place for you to be if you wanna grow in God. If you wanna grow in God, it's a good place for you to be Man it's a good place for you to be If you wanna grow in God. The chain breaker room. You wanna be a intercessory prayer. God bless you Brianna Michelle. God bless you. Amen to God. Amen. I just saw your name across the screen Yes, I'm trying to find the number for the chain Breakers room Amen those of you are seeking to grow in God and seeking for to build your relationship with God You can dial that Write this number down 71629397747162939774 and then you dial 78 1448 zero 17278 1448 zero 172 Sophia along you call this morning. God bless you Amen. God bless you Okay. If you're outside of the country, if you're outside of the the United States you can call seven Zero 18 zero 11211 and then the access code is 95. Zero 39398 495 zero 39398 four Praise God Amen So I wanna cover you tonight God bless you overcome a Craig. God bless you Amen God bless you Marie Black man. You're gonna have to go back for the playback or watch as they write the numbers Amen Praise God. I wanna cover you tonight. Cover every household in the name of Jesus Christ The blood of Jesus Christ. Yes sure I'm a Shia prevail over every household tonight in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth at Obviou tonight May the blood of Jesus Christ. Be a comprehensive shield of protection around about you tonight May the blood of Jesus Christ build a Wall of defense round about every household tonight in the name Of Jesus Christ glory to God may glory to the May the the blood of Jesus Christ build a comprehensive shield of protection round about every household tonight in the name of Jesus Christ I cover you. I cover your children I bless you and bless your children tonight in the name of Jesus Jesus Christ may your household. Be blessed and raise up in the power of the holy ghost My God may your household Be fruitful My God. May your children be blessed I can't every assignment of the enemy tonight A raise up the whole armor of God upon every child of God tonight Let that armor of God be activated in May the The garment made the the garment of righteousness the robe of righteousness cover you like a garment tonight The shield of faith the helmet of salvation the breastplate of righteousness The your lawns your your girdle of truth Your feet shot with the preparation of the gospel of peace The The fake lifted up and the sword of the spirit in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth tonight the blood of Jesus be your coverage I bless you I bless you tonight I bless you into the weekend glory to God I bless you in Jesus mighty name again somebody was asking James James God bless you James Glory to God wanna know how to make a contribution to Chain Breakers You can go ahead and do so via Paypal or Zac and the Email is Chain Breakers two zero 14 at Gmail dot com Chain Breakers 2014 at Gmail dot com As we come to a close tonight, it's always it's my pleasure It's my assignment that God has given me to come into this room and to pray through midnight to encourage somebody to lift up somebody who is down and out and just need a a wind in their sale to keep going It's my assignment I don't take it lightly I don't I said That you have allowed me to pray into your homes I don't take it lightly myself on behalf of myself and bishop I want you to know we appreciate you We appreciate you We love we love God and true loving God. We love you glory to God Thank you for allowing us into your home Amen. Thank you Allowing us to be a blessing on behalf of myself and Bishop Bobby Leslie and the entire Midnight War room administrative team The chain breaker S team the sanctuary Chain Breakers Church team We thank you We appreciate you Listen. God bless you God bless your Ministry your land. God bless you Minister, when some God bless you Minister Marlene God bless you. Evangelist Robinson We cover your household tonight We send the strength of the lord to undergird you even in your time of pain and grief We send the strength of God underguard your God bless you Minister Wilkinson I bless you a woman of God All of my sons and daughters I appreciate You I bless you and don't forget to meet me back in midnight world Amen You will see the week and edition Amen but meet me back Tuesday to Thursday 11 o 'clock god's willing. May the lord bless you and keep you causes face to shine upon you be merciful unto you and give you his peace in Shalom Peace out I gotta go Love you all. God bless you. Chain Breakers God bless you. Midnight warriors God bless you Sharon Amen. God bless you. God bless you everybody God bless you in Jesus Mighty name Amen Shalom Peace out mama joys. Welcome back Welcome back beloved as one of my mama Mama Joyce. God bless you get married The Internet Okay God bless you God bless you. Sister Karen I see you on Saturday. God's willing Amen Praise God Be blessed everybody We could see all night. Shalom. Peace out in Jesus name Amen

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