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IMPD giving details on an officer-involved shooting on the city's west side.
12345 already By running Okay here we go so around noon today the P violent crimes unit began a covert investigation or the colbert investigation culminated at around noon today in the parking lot behind us the covert are the violent crimes unit is tasked with tracking down and arresting the most violent individuals in our community most of which who are wanted and that's no no exception today so what we know right now and this is a new investigation and as the investigation progresses the facts and circumstances I'm gonna share with you can change after the after all the people involved in the witnesses are By the critical incident response team which is working right now so the officers were looking for a male who was wanted for battery with a deadly weapon unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon he was a suspect in a shooting of a security guard which occurred on March 20 seventh 2019 at 3950 North high school road during that incident a security guard in the liquor store or liquor land was shot twice if It started off as affect my understanding and turn to a robbery at that store since then the detectives have worked to secure a warrant for this person's arrest in the violent crimes unit was in task with with locating him today the the unit was tracking this individual and they saw an opportunity to take him into custody today he was parked in the parking lot tended to leave the parking lot his car was blocked in he exited the car and started to run in the northwestern northwest way and then turn around Back into the car to grab a handgun which is which is which I've seen is sitting on the Center console in that car the officer fired his weapon striking the suspect the suspect was transported to the hospital and is currently in serious condition but was talking at this point it appears that the suspect will survive his injuries but that that also could change then he's at the hospital receiving treatment I do also want to point out that after this incident was ahead occurred detectives immediately started providing aid to the to the individual in order to try to keep him stabilized before the fire fireman firefighters in That's what I know right now you know this is the violent crime unit is doing exactly what the community expects us to do and that's to go out and find the people that are committing the violence in our community it's very dangerous work and you know and they go out and do it each day on behalf of our community there's no current ongoing threat to the community and I think that's I think that's pretty much it what I have right now I'll take any questions but I mean that we answer all of them because it's still very new investigation how is the officer going to be a chance to talk to you I spoke with him Basically he's fine make sure that he contacted his family and the post team is here as well providing some support to him and which one is it it's behind the van there gets on the other side that van I think it's a black dodge There was a passion of vehicle a female pastor I don't know they're their relationship she's uninjured and she'll be interviewed by a certain Yes well I'm assuming he may happen before I got here but yeah the school's lockdown or anything no there's no ongoing threat and if they weren't if they were if there was a lockdown but it's not necessary at this point it's a matter of the investigation I haven't asked that question but it will be revealed as as they start to question the folks here but I don't know I just wanted to know if there's any video from family video of yeah I don't know that either I'll have to check with the detectives I didn't ask that question but I'm sure that the detectives have been in there so if there is any video will recover it and as Doing all investigations like this will try to look for video anywhere and we we ask if anybody has video that they turn it over to the police so that we can conduct a thorough investigation so if there are any indication right now that the suspect picked up as he was being tracked by the police and and just didn't want to get car I don't want to speculate but there was a March police car involved when they first tried to to to encounter him so there was no doubt in my mind at least that he knew that the police were here you tried to get can you talk about the Win your undercover officers are tracking somebody and it's time to stop them doing in their unmarked cars they call for Mark unit it depends on the circumstances right I mean ideally we want we want people to know it's the police coming after me I don't wanna think it's someone else so they'll use a variety of techniques in order to do that but we do like to make sure that the folks that were going after you know it's the police and so hopefully like it happens nine point 99 times out of 10 people surrender or we will take him to custody without something like this happen which is what we want to we don't want this to I want this to happen but our officers are task with with trying to reduce the violence in our community and that that means going after some pretty violent people that have shown that they're not that they're willing to fire weapons at anybody and so it's it's a dangerous job but I'm glad that we have people like them out there doing this starting at 4000 block of where he tried to stop anymore I didn't I've been gotten information the only information I have is is here in the parking lot but like I said we'll talk to more about all the talk more with all the Is involved and there may be more information as progress and what happens with the office so it's a standard in all officer involved incidents that resulted in this kind of injury and they also be placed on administrative duty will go through all the protocols that we do to try to ensure that the officers wellness is is is taken care of and if there's any services or anything that they need that it's that it's taken care of and then we'll conduct a parallel sir which is a criminal investigation and a District investigation done by the internal fairs unit and then the information from the criminal investigation will be passed over to the marin County prosecutor's office who review it all again do you know if the same gunman is found in the car with a gun that was used she could know that regarded thank you appreciate it

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