Saving Notre Dame's Stained Glass Masterpieces

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Discover the effects the fire had on Notre Dame's stained glass, and how one scientist is meticulously cleaning and repairing it.

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Posted 11 months ago in Science & Tech

Jan Cook Speulda 11 months ago

Rich and I watched this last Saturday (he taped it). It was fascinating and mind blowing how monumental the task and how long it will take to restore it.

Kris Kiesel 11 months ago

Sadly our local PBS affiliate chose not to show it on Wednesday night. Because . . . I guess fund raising.

Simon Cook 11 months ago

Amagine if a house cleaner had to follow all these methods. Your floor looks covered in dirt- Now let's study what forms all this dirt- Now let's try slow tedious methods to remove the dirt-Now we will check to see which method removes the dirt best- Now we will prove under a microscope that the dirt has been removed. Seriously! Just Suck the lead dust up and wipe it with some de-lead. What a gigantic waste of time and money!

Michelle Takir 11 months ago

The poor people that built that thing probably lived in horrific conditions forced to kiss golden rings.

Jill Skradski Novotny 11 months ago

I would love to clean & repair those windows.

Karen Cardavelli 11 months ago

Image stupid trump the rump wanted to just dump all kinds of high powered hoses on it. He doesn't have the mental capacity to understand that priceless artifacts are all through it. He is beyond stupid.

Swami Dhyan Sumeru 11 months ago

pull it down its a horror story for the 400 years since its bulid its tortured murdered and raped its been a scene of the mass murder of women and the rape of boys its evil pull it down

Andrew Alling 11 months ago

Windex will clean that up, no worries.

Alice Leder 11 months ago


James Jonathan Joseph 11 months ago

Global cooling- Freeze.. Evidence Proof facts attached.