Ciana Pelekai and Pia Renee Fight for Their Spot on the Show - The Voice Knockouts 2021

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We feel for The Voice Coaches because these Knockouts are NO JOKE. 😱🙌

Posted 6 months ago in TV & Movies

The Voice 6 months ago

Earl Farrow 6 months ago

Critics bashed "NBC Nightly News" Wednesday after the Peacock Network's flagship evening news program omitted key details from a report on the police-involved shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.

Rhonda Pontillas 6 months ago

Anyone watching the Voice tonight? Did you hear the word Snoop Dog used? And it ended with a R and not an A

Debbie Rives Pipes 6 months ago

This little powerhouse Ciana was a WOW!

Brener Gonçalves 6 months ago

stop autotuning them omg so annoying

Hil Cint 6 months ago

Why is it that unless a singer screams he or she is not accepted? I am so sorry for the ones who sing such beautiful ballads they are not chosen.One has to scream her heart out even if one does not understand the lyrics to be chosen.

Steve Briand 6 months ago

Get a job. This singing is just horrendous.

Kim Olund 6 months ago

I agree that was an outstanding performance.

Elijah Guerrero 6 months ago

Debbie Rives Pipes 6 months ago

I liked both