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What happens when you install a turbo backwards ??
What's going on everybody today, we're gonna see what happens when you install a turbo backwards So let me explain what I mean by that So on a regular turbo Your exhaust comes through here which compresses air through here and blows into your engine through here we're gonna do today is blow exhaust gas in through the intake in through right here and try and spin this compressor backwards and see if we generate boost out of the exhaust side So today's video is sponsored by Conic Wheels and Case Sport Suspension Be sure to click the link in the description and follow them on social media So the first thing we're gonna do here is get this stock manifold off so we can kinda hack up a turbo manifold Alright so what I'm gonna do here is very simple. We've done this in the past bunch of other people have done it as well basically just gonna take this here and loop it back up to the top So we have a top Mount Turbo setup See the general idea here Got this kind of mocked up here. I'm gonna go ahead and test fit See if we can get this to clear it will be good that comes out in a pretty good spot. So the turbo sit where this will sit literally like that and then technically speaking your air filter goes here it really. Yeah Like a pod filter would go here like on paper. If that's how that spins like that we should put in place that we will. We'll see We'll see what we'll get there. We'll get there for some reason. Child really wanted to well these whoa Well so Picked up this extra rice Harbor freight Mass just for child sees the professional racer here I love what you did with the ground on immediately start welding Alright Joe. Make us proud here This video is for science Five arable this one is pretty fast It's not too bad for you not actually being a welder So now that we've got our little U turn welded up down there. We're gonna go ahead and well this pipe here to the little U turn and then this is where the turbo will go It's got so much heavier Look at this Look at this patch work. I had to do here. There's a little gap Look at that dude. Boom Ah yeah. I did good but let's show off yours Woah dude. Whoa Wow. Okay Well bought that back on and then we can finally start testing the turbo and stuff So we started Oh yeah. I wish you started. I'll start right now Probably cut this down So the exhaust here to the intake side of this turbo is like very, very close fit but I'm just gonna dremel the inside of the turbo out a little bit and then it will slide way easier on to the exhaust here The compressor is meant to obviously spin one way in the turbine is meant to spin one way so if we but I mean it's gonna spin from the gas for sure but will that translate into boost coming out this end So we got the turbo secured to the exhaust here I ran a bolt straight through it and then we sealed it up with some JV weld Now, I'm going to be converting this rectangular outlet here to a round one so that we can plug this into the intake Alright, there it is Got this all quick steeled up should be sealed sealed There it is Now we get this to here with Cnn Gorilla Tape We got Brandon Schmidt out here He's about to help us finish this up today We gotta go plum this intake dude You see what's going on See what's going on Wait. Hold on. Should we start it and see if air comes out of here Should we I think we should Air definitely coming out of this Back here we're definitely gonna make it work Third year my last six months I mean look at the it says one and a half on it right there. It's like me and my money I'm thinking this end goes on. Turbo comes straight off or no no other way around regular end on turbo or we might need a 40 - five to stick. This is Charlotte Pipe. It definitely says Charlotte's pipe on there. Charles given Charlotte some pipe Charles Charlotte, Charlotte Tinder date Last night we don't I haven't seen this guy Yeah. I remember that good times of that and shout out to the back Fair Alright one pipe Let me get to our couplers What information we do This is regular around year Alright moving on moving on wonderful Alright, we need to get we need to get a bend on there No What not for pressure Oh no pressure What are we gonna do last time we did this. We made a whopping three C It's already I gotta get our 40 K R oil supply Don't look too hard. It's a pretty solid car dude for all the Honda fans out there that are gonna complain that we're ruining this motor all three Vanessa, though. Don't like don't like blast it everywhere Intercooler pipe Oh we can't see Charlotte's pipe anymore Don't did looks good We're gonna put an air filter on it We only wanna be putting clean air into our civic here. So it's pretty simple. We're gonna we're gonna need aluminum piece to go in there With the clamp and everything it does say only the best for our civic but I need my civic has to say Judy everywhere possible Look we don't have a shocker sticker and oh wait no child sticker bomb the back window in the last video so we're good We did it real quick. This is a fully functioning backwards plum turbo that at does produce we'll call it boost but something's coming out of here that is not supposed to come out of there It works too I went after it up An air was definitely coming out of here in a positive fashion Alright yeah. It runs. Good you just in time We're gonna we're gonna boost it. We're gonna do a huge burnout It's gonna be so yeah Just if you don't look too hard I can custom paint Yeah. That's got that going to shout out. Shout out. Take over Northwest It is the hottest event of the summer You should be there link in the description by a ticket now if you don't take it now You're just laying like don't be late Did you hear I heard this bullet Oh God There's smoke coming from you know how we did it We did not really I mean can we can we talk about this for a second school out? How hard did you hear it was so I mean any have you driven stocks in it Yeah. It does this feel like it added at least two horses on the top end like extra Okay. So that's where this Come in. It's the top end here Oh dude. Look the turbo got like burnt from the exhaust. It literally is like there's like yeah That's the scary thing it literally worked Did it produce legitimate boost like eight pounds, 10 pounds probably not but I'm sure there was 12 Maybe three It made the appropriate noises in air Definitely was coming out of that George pipe Yeah What happens when you install your turbo backwards you make hello boost Yeah, it kinda works It. Sounds cool There you guys go

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