Joyner Lucas ft. Logic - ISIS (ADHD)

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Posted 2 years ago in Music & Audio

Percy Mlothswa 2 years ago

Can we also get a Hopsin ft too?

Pedro Nhacumbe 2 years ago

Joyner Lucas would be bigger and more recognized if it was for not all the mumble rap okes out there this guy is that good BARS...

Moses Onu 2 years ago

These song is dope and extraordinary.

Chad Stubbs 2 years ago

Gotta be logics best verse lol never heard him spit like that tbh

James 2 years ago

When I saw Joyner and logic I knew it's fire fire🔥🔥

Miguel Alexis Islas 2 years ago

What type of pog shit was this.

Sean Patrick Hogan 2 years ago

Shoulda had a chorus with Tory Lanez 😂