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Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock hold a campaign rally in Columbus, Georgia.

Posted 10 months ago in Politics

Cornel Guler 10 months ago

Kamala Harris is ring lady Mr TRUMP 2020 ,GOD BLESS YOU mr president Donald Trump you BEST Great AMERICA AGAIN!!! cg

Pamela Suswell 10 months ago

Republicans are scared they know we’re coming for THIER JOBS and they will be the less fortunate!!

Denice Spross 10 months ago

Today is a great day for all. President Trump won, all will be revealed. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Kathy Fischer 10 months ago

Georgia get your act together and vote RED these people are frinken’ insane!!

Eddie Wallace 10 months ago

83 HOSPITALS CLOSED from 2010 to 2016 UNDER OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION. OBAMA CARE. That's Health care for all.

Joani Bates 10 months ago

He’s not president elect. No such title, guess sounds good to them. Biden will not see the White House. Cheated there way. Funny he never got crowds.

Robin Keagle 10 months ago

Kamilla how is she going to run America on her knees. That's the only way she gets anything done.

Joette Massi 10 months ago

Biden and Kamala are the saddest excuse of leaders for the country!! They are socialists and Biden is a weak person!!

George James 10 months ago

“We’re going to actually have to vote bc it’s going to be harder to cheat this time around!”

Philip Calabro 10 months ago

Once again nobody shows up but somehow they got a lot of vote, treason, the entire Democratic party should be in Gitmo