Ben Shapiro - With the 20th anniversary of the 9/11...

Ben Shapiro • 4 months ago   4.6K     370  •  169.3K Views

With the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks passing recently, there was a stark contrast in tone between two former presidents. The difference between how Bush and Trump conducted themselves throughout the day speaks volumes.

Sylvia Bank-Garber
Sylvia Bank-Garber4 months ago

Why is it always coming back on POTUS TRUMP ? This is ridiculous ! It's true....the left is so jealous of POTUS TRUMP! They have nothing that they can hang on HIM ! No matter how they TRY ,they can't make an ass, out of this, GREATEST MAN,😜🤪😉 EVER !

Kathie Geyer
Kathie Geyer4 months ago

I was shocked at Bush's speech.
I think any good will from his stand during 911 was gone after he gave that speech.

Tiara Hobbs Robinson
Tiara Hobbs Robinson4 months ago

When Bush compared Jan 6 to 9/11 I wanted to throw up! That made me sick!😡

Paula Carlson
Paula Carlson4 months ago

Anyone else feeling like we're extremely f**ked? Ugh, the facts are so damned ugly; just when you think it can't get lower. Nothing's a surprise anymore, however. Sadly. We will never be the same, even if politics change. We're on track to have over 2 million migrants, and who knows how many refugees from Afganistan; unvetted and sometimes sick people (not just Covid, mind you). We will never be able to fully recover from this.

Corrie Rehms
Corrie Rehms4 months ago

Can we separate in red and blue states now? I don't want to support the illegal aliens or further this crooked government. The capital no longer belongs to the people. Let them have it. We can finish the pipeline and the red states will be fine. Please.

Debbie King Killian
Debbie King Killian4 months ago

Bush was a Trojan horse, he and many others ... they are pushing for the One World Order... I never knew he was a globalist. That means he has no Allegiance to America but his Allegiance is to a global Society where one man rules all countries.

Kelly Lemus
Kelly Lemus4 months ago

Bush has become such an embarrassment. How dare he speak of American citizens this way.

Barb Anderson
Barb Anderson4 months ago

Who the hell cares what George Bush thinks or says. Go away Bush, nobody cares what you think or say

Robin Williams
Robin Williams4 months ago

Mr.Bush im not Taliban and comparing me to one is disgusting and you need to apologize. We are the same folks that defended and supported you

Rosemary Ross
Rosemary Ross4 months ago

bush sides with obama,biden 2sides same coin