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I asked some of my LGBTQ staff about coming out. I’m so glad I did. I love them so much. Happy #ComingOutDay!
To have enough makeup on to look gorgeous but not enough to look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup This is where the camera supposed to lose 10 pounds, right Wow So moody Hello Whoo Hi got the whole gang here. Huh I am Corey Palette I'm Lauren Pomeranz I'm Kevin Leman the second Daniel Leary I'm Katelyn Allen. I work here at The Ellen DeGeneres Show and guess what I'm gay I am gay When I started to realize that I was gay looking back it's been a parent since I was like in kindergarten watching the premiere of High School Musical and seeing each Freon I was like that guy's hot maybe 56 I just really love beauty pageants a lot I was like I'm gonna win Miss America You know the Princess Diaries at the end when she's like dancing like I was obsessed with that moment like yeah something's different about me I was in second grade and there was a girl in class that I would pick on and one day, she told me she's like if you don't stop like picking I'm going to tell the teacher and there was so much fear that I felt because I knew why I was giving her a hard time I remember vividly at the ripe age of four watching little moment and being like that. Prince Eric Prince Eric is like he's all that I was 1312 My entire Wall was just fair faucet and Charlie's Angels and that was a good clue I love Bette Midler from the age of about eight and looking back that seems like a pretty good sign and like what eight year-old Goes to see beaches saying I'm gay for the first time to someone or to yourself is really difficult I totally get why people are scared Everyone has their own reason why they're not gonna do it coming out is scary because you you risk losing people Why is coming out so hard I just didn't wanna be different I thought it would be a tough go the first time I said I was gay I was 18 years old and my mother had recommend I go to a therapist I remember the whole time in my first two sessions don't say it don't say it don't say it like that's all I could think and then finally, I got the courage and I say I'm gay She said, You can take your hand off your mouth and I said nope no happening The first person I ever told was one of my close friends Rudy He was gay three years older and I would always go to Rudy's House and we would sit in his bedroom and we were listen to music and we would watch movies and one day I finally was like Rudy I think I have a crush on this girl and his reaction was yeah, of course I To him, it was obvious to me It wasn't It took awhile for me to get there I was actually on my way to an LGBTQ plus summit and I was going to speak to all these youth and I was on this plane and I was just like I cannot go to this place and talk to these kids without you know being truthful in my own right you know and I think I think everyone always assumed but I never really had said it out loud So I posted the picture on Instagram I was on the plane and I was like okay Imma upload it and then I press upload and for once in a lifetime the WiFi works up on it and then like I like shut off my phone I started working at Ellen when I was 20 - seven and I was straight and that was the most interesting part to me was that I was at the at a place where it could not be a more comfortable place to come out with more supportive people and I still was like I can't do it. I came out to my parents at 30 - six the Ellen Show in to New York City to tape their season Live like on the East Coast in New Jersey where to meet me for breakfast on my birthday I did it in a way where I was like you know how like I don't date a lot of boys and they were like and I said well I think it's cuz I don't really like them in that way but they're really really sweet and they told me they would love me. No matter what and then we we finished our awkward breakfast when I was You didn't really tell people you were gay It was a real big secret but I did have to come out to my sisters and it was after I was already in a two -year relationship with some of my first relationship, they were completely clueless. They have no idea. They thought my roommate was my roommate and they had they were completely shocked but I was lucky because they were terribly loving and really accepting I'm married. I have kids it's crazy I never thought I would get A happy shock and surprise there was a period of time my senior year when I would come home every night and sit in my living room on my laptop writing this letter it was a way for me to process my thoughts I literally emailed my mom This letter that I had written and at the end it said I think I'm gay She texted me this big long thing being like I love you I'll always love you I decided that I was never going to sit people down and tell them That I was gave like I had to tell them that there was something wrong with me one day when I was 18 years old I just sort of said to my mom Hey mom This is my boyfriend Tyson and she was like this is strange but my little sister was best friends with this kid named Chris Patrick and one day I got text from Chris asking me to meet him at Disneyland and we rode a Toy Story Midway Mania and that ride you sit Next to each other and it was like the most electric feeling I've ever felt I look over him and I said kinda with you for four seconds I think I've had a crush on you for like blast 15 years and he goes really because I think you're the most handsome man in the whole world and like I still get a little emotional talking about it. Sorry but that was what eight years ago and we're getting married this December It's so crazy Finally it was just weighing on my heart to heavily that I was keeping Part of my life from my family another little piece of the puzzle which was unique. I think for me is that my dad is kind of well known for writing books about how to raise perfect kids and in my brain I didn't wanna be like imperfect and so I was very nervous about telling him It was June twelfth I was supposed to go see my family at their little cottage upstate New York and I figured I better tell them Just in case they didn't want me there so I've got them both on the phone and I finally got out the words I'm gay and as I got the words out my dad said he stopped me mid like I'm gay and then instantly Kevin why are you crying today is a great day and it's like literally all you wanna hear from your parents is that they love you exactly for who you are and he told me that my entire life I came out and I came out to my parents at the same time and I said you know look when I was in when I was in London my junior year I had a boyfriend and there was silence in the room and my dad goes I thought you were studying abroad That was the first thing that they said to me after I after I came out You come out of the closet You don't realize the weight that you had on your shoulders until it's not on you anymore Just such a sense of relief like ugh I'm just finally now I get to be me getting to that place It's so lovely because you spend so much of your childhood years feeling like oh is there something wrong with me Why am I feeling this way I don't want to feel this way and once you finally get past that you're like everything is okay Feel born again I felt like I was myself for the first time in my life I think that's like your biggest fear is that people are not going to accept you for who you are and Once you find out that they do it just a huge relief and changes everything there's always someone who will love and appreciate you unconditionally regardless of who you are and what you do you feel like you're alone I hope there's somewhere in your heart or in your head that you know the LGBTQ IKEA community we are everywhere and we are there to support you and I think as long as you are ultimately a good person that's what shines You're already you being gay is not a choice It's just about accepting yourself so that then everyone else can accept you coming out as a never ending journey because I think when you come out you have to come out to the public but I think you also have to come out to yourself Happy coming out day Happy coming out day everyone We see you just happy National coming out day You did it or you're gonna do it or you've done it good for you The people cry Whoo This is not good. 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