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If someone tries to ruin ya happy, tell em what鈥檚 up! #reposted #getfucked

Posted 7 months ago

Spiderbait 7 months ago

Love it 馃槉

Nannie Mania 7 months ago

After an asshole of a day at work, you just made my day awesome lol. ill be singing this at work tomorrow

Sharnie Hill 7 months ago

Ohhhhh some days as a teacher, I really, really feel like doing this. Mint! Made me laugh far to loud though.

S Grehan 7 months ago

as a tired woman who had a fucking cardiac arrest just over a year ago, i tried to prove i was invincible but that shit backfired badly. So this year. FUCK IT . im taking time for me, me , me and fucking me. and i dont feel guilty, more tattoos, more music, more art and more time with my fucked up mad lady head and just healing and folding a million origami cranes. THanks nat for giving us all a little smile and hope.

Natasha Goode 7 months ago

Imma gonna play this as my internal on loop when trying to not murder some tooth grinding arsehat.
Thanks Nat, ya Champion!

Nikki Nikki 7 months ago

Made me happy I know they can all get fucked thanks Nate 馃榿

Karen Anne 7 months ago

I try so hard to be patient with people, but hearing something like this just brings out the Frankston in me (and I鈥檒l be so singing this in my head, with a serene look on my face when someone is screwing with my zen).

Emma Krmic 7 months ago

Too funny my son has Down Syndrome and someone tried to verbally bully him once at high school, He slapped his thighs popped up his hands with the bird on each and offered the trying to be a bully to Get Fkd , poor kid just started laughing and realised no point bullying someone who'll not give a Fk 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

Carol Morton 7 months ago

Omg....made my morning.馃槀 Need to send this to my neighbours that have been partying for the last 3 days....馃ぃ馃ぃ

Ki Hayward 7 months ago

Definitely needed this after some not so subtle queerphobia and ignorance whilst getting pathology done..

Thankyou, this was needed and gave me a chuckle :)