Manchin opposes voting rights bill; Are Dems losing ground w/ POC? Racial bias probe in MD AG office

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6.7.21 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Manchin "screws" Democrats, opposes voting rights bill; Are Dems losing ground with Black, Hispanic, & Asian American...

Posted 5 months ago in Politics

Patricia Hardnett 5 months ago

Joe Biden need to snatch Manchin and find out what he doing.
Or the People need to push the DOJ to investigate Manchin for obstruction!!!

Dawn Renee T 5 months ago

The truth hurts, folks. It doesn't mean Obama didn't do other things well. He missed it on this issue. He's human and not beyond reproach.

Patricia Hardnett 5 months ago

I said Manchin needs to be investigated by the DOJ, he paid for.

Dawn Renee T 5 months ago

Absolutely! Manchin needs consequences for his actions! Chuch and Nancy better do something!

Jill Washington 5 months ago

Manchin needs to go ahead and declare himself a Republican. Demons of a feather flock together.

Sandra Turner 5 months ago

His republican are giving him money so he doesn't vote with his party

Kathy Anderson 5 months ago

A lot of people was sleeping in Civic classes and don’t understand how Governments work

Alfran Hewitt 5 months ago

That's right Mr.Briwn, facts are facts.

Pres. Obama did a lot of good, but he could have done more to keep the party string for brothers and sisters coming after him.

Mckinte Young 5 months ago

Someone needs to ask Machin how does the For The People Act divide our country further.

Deborah Dennard 5 months ago

Manchin is upholding white supremacy. White power is more important to him than being a democrat.