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The Breath Within — How Breath Practices Awaken the Spirit and What Science Says about the Benefits

For millennia, yogis have made the breath an integral part of spiritual practice. Even the simple, intimate practice of breath awareness can help us to quickly silence thoughts, calm nerves, soothe anger, and dispel fear. In a live CyberSangha broadcast, invited presenters look at pranayama and other breath practices from Ashtanga, Tibetan, and other forms of yoga. The group will also share scientific interpretations of what goes on as we bring light to our sacred bodies.

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Deirdre Browne
Deirdre Browne4 months ago

I’d just like to add. Technique teachers often focus on stepping back from the momentum of agitation and transmuting the agitation into action based on clearer seeing. I have practiced for over 15 years. I’m at a stage if my body is agitated and I’m connected to that and I ignore it’s inherent intelligence I get sick or a pain physically and/or emotionally. It is functioning as a sort of psychotherapy through prana. But the biggest point now for me, which meditation teachers often tend to glide over, is that the information is important to my mind, I heal through accepting the information of the pain that generates the wobbly prana sensations. Teachers tend to do often focus on transmutation of pain. I feel I’d like to hear more about accepting the root info that my normal functioning mind would run a thousand miles from.

Nicolas Bright
Nicolas Bright4 months ago

Out of the blue "When things fall apart" by Pema Chodron came to me and it all started there.

Laraine Pounds
Laraine Pounds4 months ago

Wonderful discussion. Reminds me of my early Yoga instruction and practices, and pranayama's from the late '60ies, and more recently. Thank you all!

Trinley Tsomo
Trinley Tsomo4 months ago

There are people who have severe anger issues and sadly they have chronic respiratory issues such as asthma etc. These people should learn to listen to their body, mind and speech.

Roland Wass
Roland Wass4 months ago

I just want to again thank you all for giving us your teachings/time - so valuable - especially in this time when travelling is difficult!

Kathy Hallen
Kathy Hallen4 months ago

I’m pinching myself that Richard and Mary are here with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche! Touchdown ☀️🙏🏼💖

Patricia Feldman Gonzalez
Patricia Feldman Gonzalez4 months ago

Thank you so much! It was a wonderful conversation!🎊

Nicolas Bright
Nicolas Bright4 months ago

Hello Rinpoche, Alejandro & CyberSangha, greetings from Colombia!

Dorian R. Monsalve
Dorian R. Monsalve4 months ago

Every human being learns spirituality at their own pace..🙏✨🙏

Yangchan Spaldon
Yangchan Spaldon4 months ago

Is there a certain way you can listen to sound and be able to control your there a connection between listening and breathing if so how do we separate the two