Holiday medical procedure

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Are you REALLY having a medical procedure in order to go on holiday?

Posted 4 months ago in Health & Medical

Phil Jonno 4 months ago

The saddest part of it is that some still don’t see whats wrong with it 😞😞

Jonathon Burchamp-Meades 4 months ago

What pandemic. I didn’t see anyone dead on the street. Mr Hancock it’s not only the manufacturer of the testing but he is also the regulator and he is in charge of our healthcare. Now please tell me that this man has the best interests of the UK at heart… I don’t think so. Do you know how much money he is making from all the testing he’s also got his finger in the vaccines as well so he’s involved with all the people who get his vaccine. Did you know there is nanotechnology inside the vaccine. Did you know that the idea of it is so they can track you monitor you and listen to you. And hack your brain. Do some research will you. Read the Bible Revelation 13.

Lynn Valentine 4 months ago

Its madness

Onx Sandhu 4 months ago

This Plandemic Has Taught Me .. HOW STUPID HUMANS ARE !

Lucia Lloyd 4 months ago

Well said 👏👏👏 xx

Carly Underwood 4 months ago


Allyouneed Islove 4 months ago


Denise Miller 4 months ago


Alan Flint 4 months ago

I do not trust in these so called vaccines. I think the whole pandemic is manmade, and all these measures governments have imposed are to make everyone so shit scared that they haven't time to ask rational questions and stir things up. Masks don't work. Lockdown doesn't work. Allowing international flights and not keeping tabs on those traveling for months after they knew about this thing, certainly didn't work. The spot fines have been a nice little earner here in Greece. So at least that worked. No, there won't be vaccine passports. Oh no? So now France will allow travellers from UK in,,, if they have proof of vaccination. How is that not a vaccine passport?
It does get me cross when I know I'm being lied to.

George Harris 4 months ago

People are so stupid and they still keep falling for it sily silly people