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Tucson Police investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting on the south side. Melissa Egan KOLD has new details in the developing story.
Hi there. Good afternoon. Melissa can here I am on the South side following a deadly officer involved shooting this morning of twelfth and Drexel. We are at Mission Park Apartments I'm going to turn the camera around really quick and give you a look just to get familiar with where we are and I will say I'm underneath the tree right now to stay out of the heat and the Sun until we do our live shot So I'm kind of standing out here just because it is so warm today. We're trying to stay in the shade as much as we can but we are at Mission Park apartment. You can see that investigators are no longer out here There's no crime scene tape up The Tucson Police Department has left the scene but We are off Twelfth Avenue near Drexel. There's a lot of moving parts to this deadly officer involved shooting so I'm going to run through them because it's been developing all day and we've gotten to the point where we have the information as of right now from police and I wanted to relay that to you since it has been a very long day of developing developing news in this officer involved shooting. So what I can tell you tonight is that there is Man who was shot and killed by a Tucson police officer early this morning. I would say this all started around morning live in the morning I don't know exactly what time the shooting happened but the actual shooting itself where that man was pronounced dead on the scene here at Mission Park. Apartment happened after 1245 this morning as I keep mentioning, there's a lot of moving parts a lot of details as to what led up to the shooting at this apartment complex. Excuse me So I'm gonna run through it. Police say it all started around 1245 this morning when a 911 call came in about a burglary in process in progress. Excuse me at a home not far from this apartment complex here the caller told the 911 operator the vehicle and the identities of the suspects who police say were believed to be teenagers or young adults officers were dispatched to that home when officer We're getting to that home for that burglary in progress they saw what they thought was the vehicle described the 911 operator as the vehicle. The suspects got into so officers followed that car and then did a traffic stop not far from here again We are at Mission Park Apartments off 12 Avenue in Drexel During that traffic stop The driver stayed in the car, but Tucson police say at least three people believed to be teens male teens Out of that car and started running the driver stayed on scene Officers spoke with him and search that vehicle. Officers also started chasing the three suspects who got out of the car again who were described to be teenagers They ran to this apartment complex. I'm going to turn the camera around again. We are at Mission Park Apartments off of twelfth and Drexel Police say that when officers were following those Suspects to this apartment complex, there were people standing outside of apartments here who pointed officers to a specific apartment unit. Again, they're not any of the ones that I'm showing you here as of right now. The crime scene is gone but officers were pointed into a direction told by people here witnesses on the scene that that's where they went. Those are where those the people ran into So please tell us that those officers went and knocked on the door of one of the apartments here at Mission Park Apartments the unit belief Be where those suspects had run into when they knocks on the door a Middle age man answered the door. He said that there were no teenagers there when officers asked if anyone had gone into the apartment Tucson police say that man the renter here said you can come in and search when officers went inside. We're told by Tucson police that a number of people were inside the apartment. Some of them were hiding in places like closet Oh Tucson police Officers started detaining people due to the large number and the situation that was going on I'm told a brief scuffle started between some individuals in that apartment unit and police officers while they were continuing the search that unit, Tucson police say that officers found a man in a bath tub who appeared to be hiding that man were told started fighting officers as well We're told that man Gun and an officer shot that man who appeared to be hiding in the bathtub He was pronounced dead on the scene here when we don't know who that man was Tucson police are saying that they have identified him but are notifying next of kin We are told that that individual had a felony warrant and we know that he was in his three s There's a lot of moving parts in this investigation. This all started with a burglary call as for those suspects who are believed to be involved with that burglary called none are in custody right now and there's no real tie at this time between those men Apartment here I'm going to wrap up this Facebook live I've got to jump on Kali News 13 at 10 at 50 'clock at 530 can even keep up with what time it is here and I will have more information from the scene and of course as this story develops, we will be able to share more information with you then we have right now. Sandra Protocol is that they will be doing a criminal investigation as well as an internal Affairs investigation that officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative

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