Fox News - 'DON'T LIE ABOUT THEM': Texas residents react...

Fox News • 4 months ago   4.5K     778
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'DON'T LIE ABOUT THEM': Texas residents react to viral Border Patrol images taken near their homes.

Orly Carrillo
Orly Carrillo3 months ago

I was buying stocks and sold shares of Fox News 📰 after I learned it is owned by two billionaires an Aussie and an Arab Sheik, Teaching Americans How To Hate Their Own Country.

Patricia Clay
Patricia Clay3 months ago

I think border patrols are good but they’re letting people go without papers coming to United States my niece has a whole bunch of people coming over to my mothers house my mother passed away in 2020 now we have all these people over there at her house they have some people in Waco they have some people in Fort Worth they have some people in Oklahoma without papers I couldn’t understand why they would let them all come without anything my niece keep some vouching for them I guess I don’t know

Celia Pestana
Celia Pestana3 months ago

Biden 👎👎👎

Genel Broadax
Genel Broadax4 months ago

Bernard Polly
Bernard Polly4 months ago


Pelvis Gratton
Pelvis Gratton4 months ago

Fake news channel

Armendariz for El Paso
Armendariz for El Paso4 months ago

Finally Fox is actually talking to real people. We’ve been asking for this for a long time

Dana Lynne Washington
Dana Lynne Washington4 months ago

pictures don't lie!!! And these people are all white or latino...did you interview any Hatians?

Trish Bobault
Trish Bobault4 months ago

God bless you and keep you!! 💗💗💗

Sue Terry
Sue Terry4 months ago

It’s beyond awful what the Democratic Party is doing...getting voters from those entering our country illegally. Wake up people!