This Mercedes driver is about to get some instant karma

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This driver is about to get a dose heavy of instant karma... 😱😂

Posted 9 months ago in Vehicles & Transportation

VT 9 months ago


Alasdair Black 25 days ago

I normally can't stand conceited cyclists.
This cyclist did nothing wrong.
The car driver, was a million percent in the wrong.
He should be charged with dangerous driving, assault and using a motor vehicle in a deliberately threatening manner.
Love the cops arrived quickly, his goose was well and trully cooked.

Anita Voo 18 days ago

I can't stand this cyclist. Get a life!

Sheena Corbin Whittle 19 days ago

This guy does this to several ppl. I recognize his voice from the other videos. He must just sit here and do this all day. The drivers are in the wrong but what authority do YOU have over these ppl?? NONE!

Deborah Scarlett 29 days ago

Shane on driver. And hitting the cyclist was wrong.

Catherine Wilkinson 9 months ago

Yes it's drama that could have been avoided. However, the driver was too impatient to wait in the que and saw an opportunity to go in the other lane, however that lane is for traffic going the opposite way. Yes it could all have been avoided but that is how people get away with doing illegal things. More people need to stand up to them and fight back.

Wendy Wood 21 days ago

Well done the cyclist 👍! It was good to see the car driver got his karma 😂😂😂

Dino Costandino Hava 6 months ago

Just looks like trouble makers to me! Including the guy on the bike, nothing to applaud in my opinion, poor behaviour by both men! You get bad drivers and bad cyclists, works both ways.

Richard Broughton 9 months ago

Though morally right standing in front of a car is not the smartest thing to do!

Mark Mowbray 9 months ago

Who cares there’s always going to be knobheads in the world as they haven’t found a vaccine for that and probably never will😂😂