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10 Things that will SHOCK you in the USA: In this video we talk about culture shock & things that surprise people when they visit the USA for the first...
Hey guys what's up stephanie the English coach here from English full time dot com in this video we are going to talk about 10 things that will shock you about the USA now some of you have never been to the USA before, but others of you live here and I am from the USA is all of this stuff is completely normal to me, but when I talk with my friends and people that I know that traveled and visited the USA for the first time, they go oh my gosh stephanie. I experience so much culture shock there were so many things that were different from wearing from so that's. What I wanna talk to you guys about in this video Today, now lot of this stuff is actually gonna be about observations that my husband made because he is from Argentina originally and when he came to the USA for the first time four years ago, he made some really interesting and funny observations. So I wanna share that with you guys and then another video I'll tell you about some of the observations I made in Argentina about how that country and culture was different from what I knew in the USA, okay. Now before we get started. I just wanna let you guys know that you can also find me on facebook and on my website of course, so I will include the links in the disk And I hope you join me there as well. Okay let's get into it number one of 10 things that will shock you in the USA tour oil. It paper. I know this sales really silly and crazy, but when my husband came here one of the first places, we went was to my sister's House and I remember he came out of the bathroom and he was like oh my gosh the toilet paper was so soft. It was like a blanket and I was just looking at him like okay, like to me that was just normal and then I thought about it and I was like yeah, you know when we're in Argentina the toilet paper wasn't as thick. I guess okay, but in the We actually have a couple words for the kind of toilet paper that we use because a lot of it is really soft. I mean depending on how much money you spend on your toilet paper or what brand you get or what quality you want. You can get like really cheap thin toilet paper or you can get the other kind that's so thick and it's like a blanket okay, so the kind that's like a blanket. We call it quilted okay, a quilt is a type of blanket. You can Google a picture of that. If you wanna see what quilts look like, but Basically, they call it quilted toilet paper or they might call it something like two ply, two ply just means that there are actually two pieces of paper that are put together. Um to make that toilet paper extra soft okay alright the next thing that will probably shock you about the USA is that the food here is extremely sweet. Now. This is not a good thing in my opinion, because it just means that there's, a ton of sugar and natural products used in our food to sweet Food, but again, my husband made this observation when he came here, he made a sandwich. He bit into his sandwich and he was just like wow. Why is this bread sweet like it almost tasted like dessert to him or something but it was actually marketed as regular sandwich bread right and you you don't really normally think of bread that you use for sandwiches as being sweet, but anyhow that's one of the problems he has with the bread here is that it's completely sweet and you'll just notice that in all kinds of food to it's not just bread it's also meet it's also the sauce. We put on our food dishes. There just there's just so much sugar Or in the food and also there's, a lot of obesity in the USA. So that's not even on the list but that's another thing that my shock you when you come here and you see the size of people okay the next thing that will probably shock. You about the USA is that the cars here there's, such a variety okay, you can go down the Street and see a corvette here a really unique car. There okay. I just full disclaimer. I'm not a car person. I don't know the name of names of cars on like a corvette, a mustang, but the way I talk about I'm like oh, that's a cute blue car that's really awesome Red car the way I distinguish cars as if it's a van or a pickup or like four door car a sports car that's kind of like my terminology, for cars is limited but if you're a person that's really into cars you're gonna love driving down the freeway and seeing all the different cars that are here okay cuz there's, just such a huge variety and I remember when I went in tina and I was like okay so there's, like five kinds of cars here I mean there's more than that, but because I was so used to seeing such a wide variety here in the USA, when I went to Argentina, it just seem like a Everything was all the same. Okay so I don't mean any offense by that obviously these are just observations. Next number five in the USA, you can do almost anything over the phone you can make an appointment book, an appointment. You know, call the store and make a request put in order and ask about something or send an email, but it's more common to just book things online like you can get a pizza delivered to your door just by requesting one online. You don't even have to call anymore, but the reason why I'm saying this is because, in so many countries, I travel to if you wanna talk with a banker or something like that you actually have to go to the Bank stand in line wait your turn, ask your question. Talk to the person about it. Get the information that you need and then you go home in the us. We just don't wanna waste anytime going anywhere and asking questions when we can just you know, use the technology that we have to get the information that we need okay number six the next thing Might shock you about the USA is that a lot of the bathrooms here are automated. I mean everything is automated the toilet flushes on it's zone. You have to put your hand under the soap dispenser and it will pop out a little bit so for you, then you wash your hands and then you put your hands under the faucet and then the water comes on automatically and then you can either put your hands in a drying machine. What are these called hand dryers okay. You can put your hands on one of those or under one and it's all automated it's like you don't have to touch anything and maybe That just represents that in our culture were German foe. I don't know or maybe people are just trying to be more. I panic, but this is really interesting, although it can be frustrating when something is not working because you like what's wrong with the machine you're, putting your hand in your putting it out and putting it in you putting it out and then, as soon as you take it out, then the so falls, but it doesn't fall on your hand so I can be really frustrating and I guess I'm gonna have to talk a lot about running this video. My husband because he's just the one that you know share. It all. These observations with me and gave me this funny stories, but the first time he use a bathroom Like that, and realized that he could just wave his hand in front of one of the machines that would roll out the paper towel to dry his and he was just like well so cool now. I know there are plenty of countries around the world that are also you know, advanced in this Department, but plenty of them aren't okay so some of you guys might find this very interesting and if you visit the USA and it's not like this in your country, then you'll probably find it shocking okay number seven something else that will shock you about The USA is our measuring system. Our system frustrate so many people around the world because we measure length and stuff like feet and inches and then we use fahrenheit and it's just so confusing cuz the rest of the world is using the metric system which is a great system. You know you base it on the number 10. Everything is really easy to understand and in the us we're still stuck on this other system. If you grow up with our system It's perfect, it makes sense it's great for us when we travel to your country and your on the metric system we're like no, I don't understand, but the same thing happens to you when you come over here and you're just like okay it's gonna be eighty degrees. Today was that hot is that cold. What does eighty degrees even feel like right you're used to maybe 40 degrees celsius being really hot anyways number eight another thing that will probably shock you about the USA is just this year amount of cultural people that we have living here. There are just so many people living here from all over the world And in fact this is one of the reasons why you can live in the USA and almost never have to speak English because there are subcultures that have formed within the community for Russian speakers for Spanish speakers, for Chinese speakers and there are stores that are owned by people of these nationalities and you can go to these stores and you can buy you know the Russian food that you're used to buying where you live or the Mexican food or whatever it is and you can talk with them in your language and you can do so many Things without meeting English also, if you ever make calls on an automated phone system, they might ask you, oh, do you want this call and the different language, if you wanted in Spanish press two, if you wanted in this press this, whatever so, we have just a lot of people here living from so many different cultures and some of my students. They say hey stephanie I'm going to the USA, but I'm gonna try my best to avoid brazilians cuz I've been going there to practice English or I'm gonna try to avoid Spanish speakers, French speakers, whatever it is cuz. I don't want to speak my language I'm going to the USA To practice English, since there are so many people here from different cultures, if someone sees that you're here trying to speak English and practice, but they can hear your accent. They like they speak. Spanish so do I. They might just speak to you in Spanish cuz it's easier than you might get frustrated and go no. I don't wanna speak Spanish. I'm here to practice. My English so anyhow. If that happens just you know, stick with English and say it no it's okay I'm here to practice. My English, when they'll change back for you, okay number nine traffic laws in the USA are very strict when I say very strict, I mean you better know what the laws are before you start driving on the streets so you don't get a ticket. Okay have to stop fully at the stop sign wait three seconds before you start going you can't tailgate people you can't drive too closely. You can't roll up slowly to a stop, light just because it's Red and you're trying to save momentum in your car, I mean so my husband doesn't I'm like no just drive up to the stop light stop okay wait and then, when it's And then you can go he's like, but if that's not fuel efficient, unlike you know what but we can't. We can. You just have to follow the rules you just have to drive how people drive here and I know in other countries could been to plenty of them that people drive differently all over the world. Some of you guys drive really crazy okay, but in the us just take it slowly, become there will be that crazy guy every now and then that will cut you off for whatever, but don't give him the Middle finger unless you wanna practice, your curse words in English. You know, but just take it slowly know that the traffic laws here are really strict and just read up on what they are before you come Okay, the last thing that will probably shock you in the USA is that everything is big things are just big here. I mean the country itself is pretty big writes pretty enormous. The people we already talked about it we've got our obesity problems with some of us are big also cars are bigger the lanes of the cars drive in the roads are bigger food portions are enormous. There, like offensive actively. You go out somewhere for lunch and they give you enough food for like three people, everything is just really big in the USA from the car is the lanes the houses the people the the La And itself just noticed that quantities and portions are large so anyhow. What I wanna know from you guys now is have you ever been to the USA and if you have how was it different from your country, how are things done differently. How are the people different. What did you like. What did you not like okay feel free to share your experiences also, if you've been living here for a while, then, think back to when you first came what did you find shocking because by now you probably used to everything alright so let's have an awesome discussion about this in the comments I look forward to reading. What you Guys have to say and if you are already a subscriber on my channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button. So you can get more of my videos also if you are interested in practicing your English with native English speakers and meeting us online on social media facebook instagram etc go ahead and download the guys that I have linked in the description okay it's a simple guide on how to practice your English with native speakers and I'm sure you're gonna find it really helpful that's it. You guys and I'll see you soon bye

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