Catherine Tate puts minimiser bras into Room 101

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Catherine Tate has HAD IT with minimiser bras.

Posted 7 months ago in TV & Movies

Petal Maher 7 months ago

Love her, funny gal!

Kat McKiv 2 months ago

Oh but put a crappy bow on the front so it gives the illusion of being pretty

Lesley Alexander 2 months ago

She is so funny, but right on the money !!

Rachel Moffat 7 months ago

Tracey Revell made me lol! You’d think she’d spent a day working us 🤔😆🤣

Kirsten Rowlands 7 months ago

So true

Audrey Zook 7 months ago

She's so right!

Sue Northcott 7 months ago

She’s so funny 😂 but she’s so truthful

Gin Bliss 7 months ago

Fantastically funny. Spot on 🤣🤣🤣

Lester Evans 7 months ago

Bring back Room 101 ... there’s one hell of a lot more to get in there after the year we’ve just had😀

Sivart Dod 7 months ago

oof. She completely ruined The Office.