ViralHog - Walter the boxer has 200 IQ 🤣🧠🐶

ViralHog • 4 months ago   3.7K     547  •  234.1K Views

Walter the boxer has 200 IQ 🤣🧠🐶

Saysha Broussard
Saysha Broussard4 months ago

Cute & you can get a little giggle from this ! He’s intelligent but this disgusting ! 🤮

Louise Twentyman
Louise Twentyman4 months ago

Our first Boxer used to do that. I was wondering what all the water on the floor around the fridge was about, until we caught her in the act one day! Busted! 😂❤️

Sarwar Uddin
Sarwar Uddin4 months ago

This is absolutely disgusting.
Drinking from the same tap.
Thing is, most people here would say they wipe it down.
Yeah right, people love to chat 💩 on the internet.

Elissa Sanderson
Elissa Sanderson4 months ago

Maybe he needs a water bowl with fresh water?? Just sayin.

Sandra Fuller
Sandra Fuller4 months ago

Love dogs,but thats a BIG NO for me.Its gross

Chris Bargen
Chris Bargen4 months ago

He’s not the first pup to figure this out.

Ro Black
Ro Black4 months ago

It's not even safe to get a cup of water at someone's house these days 😕

Aaron Stark
Aaron Stark4 months ago

They probably let the dog eat off their plates too....

Anthony E. Winston Sr
Anthony E. Winston Sr4 months ago

At least Walter has sense enough to put towels down to catch the overflow….

Nathennial Sherman
Nathennial Sherman4 months ago

Try making sure your dog has a water bowl full of cold water regularly and maybe he wouldn't do that