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Guess Who! Try Guessing The Contests From Bigg Boss 15 House

Rubina Iqbal
Rubina Iqbal4 months ago

BB is noting without sidnazz.....

Shrestha Sujan Lal
Shrestha Sujan Lal4 months ago

Donald and Nishan Just two people in Difficult place in real jungle it is not fair to them,

But anyway Donald and Tejaswe is only interesting and sweet innocent contestant,and no Haina who can destroy tiger and Lion to,we want Devya to if she comes and become friend with Tejaswe it will take them to Final,

Khushboo Rawat
Khushboo Rawat4 months ago

Tejaswi ,Simba from Shakti, Karan Kundra and Singer Afsana khan

Lina Rout
Lina Rout4 months ago

Karan Kundra,tejaswi

Alok Gupta
Alok Gupta4 months ago

Inn bharwoo ko itne ideas aate kaha se hai 😂.
Kuch v mtlb

Ornima Tyeshi
Ornima Tyeshi4 months ago

Tejawini, Karan, varun, astha

Jyoti Chaudhary
Jyoti Chaudhary4 months ago

Tejaswi , karan , Afsana

Naznin Basar
Naznin Basar4 months ago

Nafsin Basar tejaswini asche

Nusrat Nigar
Nusrat Nigar4 months ago

Maria Nabi Easha rdy hoo

Sadicxa Pokhrel
Sadicxa Pokhrel4 months ago

Teja will definitely rock this season.. so excited..